One Direction/ Austin Mahone/ Justin Bieber Personal Imagine stories

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2. Jacklynn and Niall

Niall was walking down to the convenience store when he can across a girl who could get her car started. Niall then walked up to her and said “You okay love?” “Yeah, sort of, No I’m not something happened I’m not sure what” Stated a little voice Niall stood there for a second staring into her eyes. “Sorry I didn’t catch your name” “Jacklynn, my name is Jacklynn” “Hey would you like to come back to the house and I’ll get the boys to help me fix your car?” Niall said trying to be nice; he thinks he might have feelings for her. “Sure that would be awesome, where about do you live?” Jacklynn was a little worried on how she would get her car there. “Oh just 2 doors down” Niall said while turning around pointing to the boy’s house.

So they have been hanging out for 2 hours now and Niall has been flirting with Jacklynn All afternoon. None of the boys are home. Jacklynn knows he is from One Direction but she was a little overwhelmed that she is at their house.


Niall wanted to ask her out on a date. He was a little nervous because this will be the first girl he would have been on a date with or even going out with. “Hey Jacklynn I have enjoyed hanging out with you today, would you like to do it again tomorrow?” Niall said while picking at his nails. “I’d love that, when and where?” Jacklynn said when picking up her bag. “I’ll get a limo to pick you up at 7pm and we’ll go out to Nando’s” Niall said with a big smile on his face.  “That sounds beautiful” Jacklynn said while going to give Naill a hug for fixing her car.


The other boys arrive home when Jacklynn leave and Niall told them about her. “It sounds like you really like her” Harry said when getting the milk out of the fridge. “I don’t know I have only known her for a few hours and I think I am in love with her.” Niall said nervously because he thought the boys would laugh at him. “Well bro I think just do what you think is right” Louis Says with a huge smile on his face.


THE NIGHT OF THE DATE: “This is a nice place Niall’ Jacklynn said pulling out a chair “Yes it is nice here isn’t it love, this one is the best out of all the ones I have been to in the world”  “Jacklynn…… I know this is a little weird because I have only known you for like a few hours but I-i-i I think I love you” Niall said looking down at his empty plate. “That is the cutest thing I have ever heard in my life Niall” “Niall” Jacklynn said fiddling with her hair, “Yes, Love” he said looking into her eyes. “I want to be with you, like forever, Not even kidding you I love you too” “Will you come over to my house tonight, I will have you some clothes to change into” Niall suggested “Sounds like a plan, I am up for some fun” Jacklynn winked at Niall.


They both arrive to Niall’s house and Niall gave Jacklynn his favourite pj’s, Jacklynn got changed and Niall was waiting for her on his bed. Jacklynn come in but she ended up wrestling with Niall and they Kissed, They kissed passionately, Niall pulled away and said “Are you sure you want to do this?” he didn’t want to move to fast because he has respect for girls. “Yes I am positive I want to do this”



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