One Direction/ Austin Mahone/ Justin Bieber Personal Imagine stories

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4. Ines and Austin

Ines woke up one fine morning and turned on the hotel TV and put it on the news channel, but nothing was interesting on the news. She was still a little unsure on what she wanted to do today. She received a text from one of her friends.


Hey – Amy


Hey whats goin on? I miss home L - Me


You’ll me home soon, okay since I sent you on this surprise trip I thought I would let you know what your big surprise is for today! Would you like to know? – Amy


Oh God Yes I think I do want to know? – Me


Do you know who Austin Mahone is? – Amy


Yes of course I do he is incredible! – Me


Would you like to go to his concert? – Amy


OMG Are you kidding me right now? – Me


Yes I am! So do you want to go or what? – Amy


Yes, Yes, Yes, a Million times. YES OMG! – Me


Okay and there will be another 2 surprise but you will have wait till later tonight and you will receive them at the concert.? – Amy


Oh God okay, now im scared. I have to go something is going on outside THANKYOU SO MUCH Love you talk soon xxxxxxxxxxxx – Me




Author P.O.V (ME)

So there is one beautiful young lady in a beach Hotel and nothing to do, she looked out her window and saw that there was something going on down at Miami Beach. She couldn’t see anything but screaming girls and a lot of sand and a lot of Water. So Ines thought she would get dressed and do her hair. All she needed to do was run her fingers through her beach brown wavy hair.


Ines thought she would check her Twitter page before she left to see if anything was said on there. “Nope Nothing.” Ines said in a excitedly but scared tone she is a little bit worried what she might be getting herself into. So she put on her flip flops and starting to walk on down to the beach.


“I’m going to a Austin Mahone Concert?” Ines said to herself quietly walking down the beach. She is looking around to see what the big fuss is. But nothing is coming into her eye sight. My eyes scanning everywhere.


Ines P.O.V

“I wish someone came with me” Ines said worriedly because anything could happen any second a missal could come flying down out of the sky and kill me then I can’t go and see Austin in concert tonight I am so excited I can’t wipe the smile off my face.  But that doesn’t change the matter that I don’t want anything as bad as having my Bestfriend here with me.


SLAT!! Someone just fell into me and splatted ice cream all over me. but I can’t see who it is until I get it out of my eyes. “In so sorry” Said a mysteriously sexy voice Me still wiping the ice cream out of my eyes After it is out I am still wiping them because I can’t believe what I am seeing.  “Are you alright Love” The voice spoke again. I am sitting her in Austin Mahone’s arms. “Am I dreaming?” I didn’t know what else to say because when would just an ordinary teenager would be knocked in the face and knocked over by Austin Mahon and his ice cream?  A lot of things are going through my head at the moment still thinking I am dreaming.  “You have beautiful Eyes” I looked at him with my head tilted “No you are not dreaming and thank you” Austin was just staring at me it was almost like he was short of breath.


“I’m sorry for knocking you…..” He stumbled upon his words. “Its okay don’t apologise. I think it is best I leave now” I sounded like a compete bitch but I’m sure he understands I look down to see what shirt I am wearing….. “REALLY A AUSTIN MAHONE SHIRT!!!! OMG I AM A IDIOT” I couldn’t believe the moment I meet my celebrity crush I am wearing a shirt with him on it!! L OMG So It was time  to get ready for the concert I felt like a idiot.. Tonight I am not wearing his shirt. NO but I have to it’s a concert everyone will be wearing his shirts..


By this point Ines totally forgot about the other surprises


Amy was waiting for Ines in front of the Stadium or arena in Miami.. Ines didn’t recognise her because she didn’t know she was coming. “INES!!” Someone yelled out “What the someone is calling me who would that be?” Someone ran up to me and wrapped their arms around me and I couldn’t see who it was until I pushed her away “AMY OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!” “I brought the tickets I can’t just buy a couple of tickets and not go….. Gosh” Amy looked at her like she was stupid


Time to go in to the concert now.

            Austin is out on stage:


I am 2 metres in front of Austin, When he stops singing and he notices me.. He stops everything and the whole show and says “You’re the girl from the beach aren’t you” Amy looks at me and was like “WHAT”  “Yes you I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name beautiful” Austin said to me thinking what the hell you are here right now wow….  “Ines, Ines is my name” Ines was very nervous what was he going to do? “What is your ticket number? Ines?” Austin said hoping it was Ines number “A57?” Ines was wondering what was going to happen? “Amy Knew her number would get the lucky on stage performance “Please make your way to the stage my love?” Austin said with a humongous smile on his cute face.


Austin P.O.V

Omg this beautiful girl I ran into on the beach is my Lucky girl to sing to tonight this is ment to be I tell you what…. So what am I going to sing to her? Say Something? I will sing Say something! Dedicated to Ines.



Ines makes her way to the backstage door to meet Austin at the entrance She was so nervous “This is my other surprise” She looked at the security guards and smiled “What do you mean??” The Guard looked at Ines a little confused.


“Okay this next song is dedicated to my Mystery girl Ines “I see you walk by extra fly baby where you going can I roll.” Ines walks out laughing because he didn’t see her he ran me over…. ‘Hahaa’   when that song was over Austin took me back stage. And brought Amy back stage too.  That was funny because you didn’t see me walk by you ran me over… They both had a laugh and then Austin got all serious with Ines and beginning telling her how he thinks he might love her. Ines didn’t know how to believe that he celebrity crush likes her back…


Amy looks at them both and said see every story has a happy ending


Then they see wedding bells and have 3 beautiful children named, Chad Mahone, Elisabeth Mahone, Brent Mahone… Mr and Mrs, Mahone moved to Miami and started there beautiful new life with their beautiful children

Ines hope you liked it?


Author Note

Ines I am sorry I just realised that you wanted a different story… I got a little carried away sorry. Hey guys I am so sorry about the wait. See I am in my final year of school and this is my first weekend free so I am going to get as many as I can do today?

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