One Direction/ Austin Mahone/ Justin Bieber Personal Imagine stories

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5. Carsyn and Justin

Back at home Carsyn and her friends arranged a day to go to the amusement park.

6am the day it is time to go to the park Carsyn was talking to her friends talking about their celeb crushes and talking about who they like at school… All the girls were talking about one cute boy named, Nick. They go to school with him he is on the captain of the football team. The girls were all talking about One Direction, but Carsyn didn’t know if she wanted to like them because she hates people that hate on Justin bieber, (Not that one Direction do) But Carsyn’s friends hate on Justin bieber all the time.

They arrive at the Amusement park

Luckily they already have their tickets because they are all sold out... Everyone is wondering why, it would be nearly impossible to sell out So that makes us more excited to get inside to see what is going on the girls are making sure that their hair is prefect I THINK I SEEN WHO IT IS!!!

“I SAW JUSTIN BIEBER!!!” Carsyn is so excited she was the only one who was excited the other girls just sort of shrugged her off. “What if it was fucking Liam out of One Direction you would scream too…? Probably all of you would have screamed, because I like someone doesn’t mean I can’t get excited.” Carsyn was a bit upset by her so called friends. But one of her friends was with her while the other went off.

Carsyn and Harley went and seen if they can get a autograph Of Justin.  But there are like 15 Security guards around him. So we followed them for 15 minutes but nothing was happening. So they went on a rollercoaster, but all the commotion came to the ride we were at why? The girls wondered Harley looked at Carsyn and said “You think he is on this ride?” “Maybe?” The girls wanted the ride to finish so they can see. “There he is Carsyn.” Harley said trying not to scream. Justin bieber walking in front of us with his boxers hanging over his skinny jeans, with a daggy singlet just a little but too short to cover it he has his flat brim hat on with sun glasses. The girls just look at each other “He’s So Hot!” They said at the same time.

So the girls didn’t want to seem like all the other girls so they walked out the gate at the same time but they noticed they went the wrong way, where Justin and Carsyn turned around and it was too fast and they ran into each other, where Justin was breathing heavily like we just made out for like an hour.

“Sorry…….” He said with their noses nearly touching. “It’s……” They both didn’t know what to say “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.” Justin said slowly trying to concentrate “Sorry I didn’t catch your name” Justin said while the girls are just looking at him... “Oh, my, Gosh” I said, it’s like someone stole the words out of my mouth. The girls (The rest of the group) started walking up to us to see what we were doing when they saw Justin and Carsyn Still Nose to Nose, The body guards told to leave him alone by Justin. All the girls just stop and stay still, Harley heard one of them say “Oh My Gosh, Really”

“Is your name as beautiful as your face?” Justin said trying to get some words out of her.  “My Names Carsyn.”  She said still thinking this was fake. “So that’s a yes then” Justin said agreeing to his Question.


Back to the story...

“I wish we were under a mistle toe right now, your lips are irresistible” Justin said bringing his hand up to her face. “Really, well mee too….” He cut her off and kissed her “Hey Carsyn would you like to spend the day with me today, you and your friend?” “Really, you want to spend the day with me?” “Yes I do, there nothing I want more than this.” Justin said with his cheeky smile.

So Carsyn and Harley, walked past the other girls with Security guards surrounding them, seeing their faces were like they never thought Carsyn would get her dream guy their jaws dropped literally to the ground so the girls kept walking, they went out for lunch for Justin. And made the most of their time with him. Just as it was time to leave Justin asked if he was going to see her again? Carsyn didn’t know what to say but she said “Of Course, well if that’s what you want” They put each other’s numbers in each other’s phones and Justin gave her a kiss. 5 Minutes after Justin’s car left Carsyn’s phone went off…


Text Message from Justin<3

I really enjoyed spending time with you today, even though we are like strangers I feel that we have something, this might seem weird but I miss you already, is that normal? I have never felt like this with anyone before, I hope we can meet again soon x

I didn’t know what to say that was beautiful so I decided to text him back

Text message To Justin<3

Text message from Carsyn<3

I enjoyed today too. That is really cute that you miss me, I miss you too… You know what this might sound cheesy but you know how every teenage has a celebrity crush, you were mine and I feel this is actually a dream all my friends hate on you like those assholes I feel like this is a dream? I hope we catch up soon too.. Harley Said thank you for today and cya x

Justin read the message and smiled at his phone…

To Carsyn<3

From Justin

Tell her she is welcome and Cya x and wow, nice to know I have someone xx thank you for standing by me x this isn’t a dream I promise you that, well I feel like this is a dream too because I think I have found the love of my life J  So I think I should let you go, text me later?

Love Justin xx


Carsyn couldn’t believe what was happening.. it was like this was all planned


To Justin

From Carsyn

Okay, You have all the Beliebers, but I’m not just a fan I like you for being you, I don’t care, well I love your music and all but I love your personality and you are like the most gorgeous guy I have ever met. I just don’t want to be another fan that likes Justin Bieber.

To Carsyn

From Justin

Wow, that means a lot to me, I don’t really date fans, but knowing that you’re not just a fan I might consider something, I know that might sound cheesy but I don’t know, can you be my girl? I mean I sound like a jerk if I say it like that, Carsyn will you be my girlfriend?

Carsyn looked at her phone, and nearly cried, Harley is trying to talk to her but nothing is being said, Carsyn threw her phone at Harley and told her to Read it.. She is “OMG Really, Oh, My, GOSH Carsyn that is adorable...” “I know right, we only just met… I mean yes I will go out with him, and we can get to know each other as boyfriend and girlfriend right? That will work” Carsyn said while jumping up and down on the bed... 

To Justin

From Carsyn

Yes, I will be your girlfriend Justin, but what about…..

{Er.Message_Sent} What the…. Carsyn Nearly through her phone, she has never seen that message before...

To Carsyn

From Justin

But what? :\

To Justin

From Carsyn

But nothing, my stupid F***ing Phone. I would love to be your girl. When can we see each other.?

TO Carsyn

From Justin

I just pulled up my driver I am turning around to come and visit you right now…?? Is that okay?

To Justin

From Carsyn

Okay sure. I live at 1435 Stragjd road thunder city… (A/N Hahaa don’t ask me I don’t know California)

To Carsyn

From Justin

Okay I am nearly there then J

Justin’s car pulls up out the front of the little farm house on some acres Justin runs at Carsyn, holding his pants so they didn’t come down not that he cared anyway... Haha.

“I missed you” Justin said to Carsyn giving her a hug.

“I missed you too, like it’s been 3 hours…haha we are so cute”

“I love you Carsyn, i couldn’t say that to you over text I had to come ant tell you”

“I love you to Justin, Wow, I never thought I would ever be able to tell you that Face-To-Face, now I have and you are my boyfriend.”  Carsyn said while tears come to her eyes.

“Don’t cry Baby, I don’t want to see you cry…” Justin wiped away her tears.

“These are happy tears” Carsyn didn’t want to look like a loser in from of Justin Bieber..

So we went inside and snuggled until we fell asleep.


3 years later Justin decided to pop the question, and of course I said yes.


I asked Harley to be made of honour she said yes.

I found out I was pregnant

My friends want to come to the baby shower… When Justin is there.

We had twins after the wedding 2 girls Ruby Ann Bieber and Mariah Louise Bieber


Carsyn hope you liked it?

Thank you for reading...


I will get the others done asap Promise.. I am getting as many as I can done before I have to get back to school I have 2 days off and I am dedicating them to days to my fans and the people who want a story from me…. Please guys leave me comments and let me know how I am going







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