Double Trouble

This is about a girl named Makayla. She meets the Malik twins. Zayn the sweet intellengent straight a student and flirty and very kind. Ed the bad boy romantic and sweet when he wants to be and bad boy usaulley and very rude and a great rapper. Makayla is a c student good girl but bad girl usaulley. She is very insucere and very diffrent. Her friends told her not to go near the Malik twins. But did she listen or did she not. Your have to read to find out.


5. Dinner

*Makyla's Pov*  So i put on my black lace bra and matching panties. I put on White ripped skinnies and I nice pink tank top with a pink see through shirt. I put on white toms. I curled my hair. It was 5:59 I walked over there. I knocked on the door. Ed answerd "I am coming in!" I said in a fiesty tone. "Whatever babe!" He said and you could cleary tell he was looking at my butt. He pushed me against the wall and brushed his lips over mine. He wanted me to show him how much  I wanted him. "Kiss Me Now!" He said I clossed the gap in between us. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands made there way to my butt he squezzed lighlty indactided he wanted me to jump I did what i was told now were were making out. *Ed's Pov* Dam shes hot. I like her. She was looking mighty fine today. I pushed her on the wall we were making out and still are. Zayn has a thing for her but so do I. Shes more my type then Zayn's.I like her butt. She has really nice breasts. I could feel them touching my chest dang her lips are so soft. I think I am in love with her. /Authors Note/ Hey guys what do you think will happen in the next chapter will they fall in love. Will they sleep with eachother? Well give me an me co-author some ideas i love my fans i love all of the support thanks

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