Double Trouble

This is about a girl named Makayla. She meets the Malik twins. Zayn the sweet intellengent straight a student and flirty and very kind. Ed the bad boy romantic and sweet when he wants to be and bad boy usaulley and very rude and a great rapper. Makayla is a c student good girl but bad girl usaulley. She is very insucere and very diffrent. Her friends told her not to go near the Malik twins. But did she listen or did she not. Your have to read to find out.


4. Back From My Gym

  'Makayla's P.O.V.'

  I saw my house far off in the distance. I suddenly felt the urge to ride about 50% quicker. But as soon as I rode about ten feet, I stopped. My eyes soon met the house that I was going to dinner at. It was all lit up. And it was only next door to mine.

  "How did they get a better one, after I got my house." I thought. I then shook my head crazily to get me to focus and get to my house. I rode up my driveway after 5 seconds of getting to it. I got out of my convertible and jogged up to my house. I then had a sudden realization. I forgot to lock my car. I then shoved my house key into the unlocky thingy and turned around to use my magic car keys and locked the door from all the way here. I call it magic because my old Jeep did not have this. Then I turned back around and turned the key to the right. 180 degree's. I may be pretty, but I am also smart. And so I pushed on the door and it opened so I walked in halfway until,

  "Kayla! How are you?" I looked over at the Malik's house. Zayn's head was popped out of the door. I rolled my eyes.

  "Do not call me Kayla! And getting ready, even though it's none of your beez wax." I shouted to him. I was yelling as loud as the Malik brother's normal.

  "Sorry,... Kayla," He smirked, and I rolled my eyes. "And don't forget. 6!" Zayn shouted. He was about to shut the door but I yelled at him.

  "What time is it now?" I yelled. He looked down at his watch. And then he looked up and smiled.

  "5:30." That's all he said before he slammed the door shut.

  "Crap!" I yelled/mumbled to myself. Then I ran inside and ran to my room. I slammed my door shut and looked at my clothes. Then I saw one thing in the back of my closet. An Abercrombie dress was all the was in the back.  It was black with pink flowers on it, and it was strapless. And it was slightly short. Just the way I like it. I went over to my mirror.

  I started to see how I looked. Then I thought, "Wait, since when did I care what they thought?". I shook my head once again. Then I started brush my hair. I would put my hair in a messy bun, because it is that hot new trend, and I would do that if I wasn't sick of all girls who are all trendy and stuff.


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