The Carrot

Yes, I did call a movella The Carrot. That's because it's about a carrot.


1. The Beginning

 She started out as a seed planted in the ground. When the one that planted her there went to bed, the rain came.

 In the morning, the sun burst through the clouds and dried the soil that she had been planted in. She sighed in contentement.

 "This is the life," She said to the other seeds. They all agreed with her.

 The one who planted her played music.

 "You can't go to bed 

 Without a cup of tea

 And maybe that's the reason

 That you talk in your sleep

 And all those conversations

 Are the secrets thai I keep

 Though it makes no sense to me"

 "Oh, my god," she said, tears coming to her eyes. "Louis has such an adorable voice."

 Day by day, she grew.

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