The Carrot

Yes, I did call a movella The Carrot. That's because it's about a carrot.


3. Adult Hood

 She grew even more beautiful as the days went by.

 Soon, the one who planted her there grabbed her hair and pulled her out of the ground. Tears filled her eyes at the pain, but she heard Louis's solo in Little Things and her heart lifted again.

 The one who planted her brought her inside, where it was warmer.

 The one who planted her brought her over to the sink and shoved her in the water, scrubbing her roughly. They then brought her over to the chopping board and chopped off her beautiful green hair.

 "What are you doing!?" She screamed.

 The one who planted her brought her over to the pot.

 "No," she gasped, "Please no!" Her pleading was cut off by her being shoved i the boiling water. She dies instantly.

 And that's the story of the carrot!! :)

(Dedicated to Louis Tomlinson. <3 )

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