Sandy Vanilla Memoirs



3. Mildew

I closed the door a little and whispered, "What are you doing here? On Christmas? You-"


  "Please, I have nowhere else to go," he said as he slid his fingers along the edge of the door. "It's really cold out here."  


I sighed and pulled the door open. "Just don't let anyone see you. I don't want you to...I want you to just stay in my room for the time being. I'll bring you some food later. Don't come out until I come and get you." 


  He smiled and stepped inside, "Can do, cherie." I turned around and led him up the stairs while the children's backs were turned. He stepped haphazardly, losing his footing every few steps. When we finally made it to the master bedroom, he collapsed on the bed. "I didn't think you'd ever own your own house, this is really great," he spoke into the pillow.


  "Try not to mess anything up while you're here. I just got it cleaned."


  He rolled onto his back and put his hand on his chest and let out a tired laugh. "My heart is beating really quickly," he said as he turned his head toward me.


  I scowled, "Are you high? I leave you alone and you go out and return to your old ways? I thought you were better than that."  


Feeling ashamed, he averted his gaze to the cheap tinsel lining the four posts on the bed. It stood out from the out of date furniture lined up against the wall. A stained poplar desk was littered with papers and photographs covered in dust. Stock photos hung in mahogany frames around the window above the desk, reflected in the gold framed mirror across the room. A heavy chest of drawers sat under the mirror, also littered with photographs. Stained end tables in every corner held cheap plastic plants. The one farthest from the door accompanied my bathroom door. Inside, I could see towels, after shave bottles, and shaving cream on the floor from earlier. 


  "I want to imagine I'm in a forest, but I can't decide which one contains all these trees," he mumbled. 


  I turned around and left for my Christmas dinner. I made sure to close the door silently and lock it with an old looking key from my key chain. I tried to forget about the vagrant dirtying my sheets so I could enjoy all the people gathered in my dining room.   


When I returned, I tried to explain why I took so long, but everyone was more interested in finally eating. I smiled and raised my glass, beginning my speech again.     
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