Harry+Helen: A One Direction FanFic

Helen is a normal teenager, until the day she meets Harry Styles. Their love takes new hardships as Helen learns how it truly is to date a pop-star. Like dealing with fans, proving her love for Harry to Zayn, and stopping Liam's crush on her. She will have to endure these obstacles for her relationship with Harry. But does she truly want Harry? Read on and find out.


1. Helen+Harry: Taco Bell Meeting

 I didn't intentally want to have these crazy feelings for Harry Styles, a band member in One Direction. It was different from any feeling I had ever felt for any guy. It was probably because Harry was my first boyfriend. 
      I literally met Harry at Taco Bell. I was with my two most amazing friends, Linda and Kimmy. We were talking about normal teenager things like boys, school, actors, movies.etc. Then our whole conversation about us failing another one of Ms. Chavez's test stopped. 
      He walk in so casually, you would expect not to have seen him. He had walk in with a gorgeous blonde boy, Niall Horan, as the rest of the 1D members stayed in their black luxurious car. I had my jaw dropped to the floor as they walked past us so sexy and calmly. Kimmy and I only started at their ass's since they refuse to show us anything else.
      Linda broke the silence, "Stop being pussies, and go talk to them."
But Kimmy and I didn't move since we were too scared to talk to them. 
"We need a refill of Soda, Bitches", Linda said annoyed.
Obviously, she didn't understand my love for Harry Styles, or Kimmy's feelings for Niall. She had a boyfriend, Kevin, and didn't bother crushing over a pop star. 
"Okay, let's go Kimmy." I said nervously.
We stood behind the band members waiting to get a refill of Coke for my Lovebug. 
"Hello, how may I help you?" asked the elderly cashier to the boys. 
"Hmm...I'd like 5 tacos. Oh, and those Nachos! Also would like a burrito...no make that two. And to drink, I want 2 large cups of soda"
Said Niall.
It didn't surprise me that he would eat so much... I mean it's Niall Horan. There was no such thing as diet in his vocabulary.
"And you?" the cashier asked Harry.
"Nothing. Just tagged along to stop Niall from ordering the whole menu." He said in his British accent.
    I felt hypnotized by his voice, but the feeling stopped when I felt myself being pushed into Harry. 
"Oww, that was not necessary." Harry said helping me up. 
"Sorry." I quickly said. Eyeing a hate-you-for-that-look at Linda.
She was laughing beyond her hold as she saw me blush.
"I'll get you a napkin." Harry said.
I realized why she had been laughing. I was holding the cup of soda and when I was pushed hard against Harry the soda spilled all over my uniform shirt. But to my horror, all over Harry's shirt. 
"Here you go" Harry said smirking at the mess.
"Thank you, Harry" I said without thinking.
"Well then, what's your name, Love?" He said amused.
"Helen. I'm so sorry about you shirt. I have my PE shirt, your welcome to borrow it. Umm, we didnt do PE, since we had a sub and-"
"Sure, another shirt would be nice. Im going to a interview, and would not like going will a coke stain. 
I smiled and walked to my backpack and took out my Animo Leadership PE shirt. I couldn't believe Harry Styles was going to wear it.
      As I walked backed to where Harry was. I noticed Kimmy and Niall talking while waiting for their orders. Linda was texting on the phone. So that left me to talk with Harry. Alone.
"Here you go." I handed him the white shirt.
"Thanks, Helen. Animo Leadership eh? Nice." he said while reading the shirt.
"Yeah. It's cool, just small." I said hoping not to sound stupid.
"So, you might want this back later on. I'll give it back to you when.....can I have your number?"
Harry asked.
Holy shit, Harry played it so clean and smooth. 
"Right sure, I need somewhere to write it on." I said shyly.
"Okay. Here. Write on my hand."
He said handing me a sharpie and his left hand.
I wrote my phone number on his forearm.
"Well, I'll get back to you, when I can." Harry replyied looking deep into my eyes.
"Harry, get Niall. Were late." Liam Payne said standing at the door. 
"Niall, fun-times over, Bud. We gotta get going." Harry said seriously.
"Ah, but I need to eat. And Kimmy."
He said sadly looking at her. 
"It's fine. I'm sure Helen gave Harry some kind of contact info. You'll find me, again." Kimmy said reassuring Niall.
"Fine, I'll take the food to-go then" Niall said hugging Kimmy goodbye.
"Come-on Niall we have to go. You'll see her soon. I'll make sure of it." Harry said winking at me. And he dragged Niall out of Kimmy's hands and into the car. He waved goodbye to me and left.
      I had this feeling that I wouldn't see Harry again. That Kimmy would never talk to sweet Niall. Boy, was I wrong. I felt my phone vibrate against my thigh. And saw that he had texted me. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to give this guy a chance. 


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