Harry+Helen: A One Direction FanFic

Helen is a normal teenager, until the day she meets Harry Styles. Their love takes new hardships as Helen learns how it truly is to date a pop-star. Like dealing with fans, proving her love for Harry to Zayn, and stopping Liam's crush on her. She will have to endure these obstacles for her relationship with Harry. But does she truly want Harry? Read on and find out.


4. Helen+Harry: A Payne Crush

I got his message late at night. He said he was outside my house and wanted me to come out. I went outside to see if he was really crazy. I was shocked when I saw him with a marachi band. 
"Harry, what are you doing?" I whispered.
"I love you, and if I need to sing to you at 2:00 A.M in the morning to prove it, so be it." He shouted.
"Harry-" He stopped me by placing his finger on my lips.
"I learned how to sing La Bamba while I was at Mexico." He explained.
I smiled at him and put my palm at my chest to slow my heartbeats.
He sang so beautifully and extremely loud. But I didn't care I listened as he performed many other Spanlish songs. 
"Okay, Harry. I need to sleep now." I said turning away, smiling at my trap.
"What? Wait. Helen, I....need you. Please just..." He begged holding my arm. 
I turned and stared deep into his gorgeous innocent green eyes. 
"I love you, Harry." I whispered.
Then walked into the house not bothering to answer my parents questions. I saw the phone and he texted a simple Thank you.
      I went to the mall with my younger brother to buy something for his friend's birthday party. As we walked the mall, I texted Kimmy. She said her relationship with Niall was perfect. They had went to the beach and he made a sandwich of sand for her. Their relationship was very cute and adorable, nothing like what me and Harry had. What me and Harry had was collision. We were both afraid at times to show our feelings at one another. 
      I waited in line to buy the present. When a women, in her late 20's came up to me.
"Ugh, youre Harry's brat! Imagine that." she said looking at me disgusted.
"Excuse me? I am not Harry's brat" 
I bought the toy and stormed out with my brother beside me.
I took my brother to his friends party. Then I started to cry as I walked home. How could they think that of me? Harry's brat? What did that even mean? I saw my cell and saw that Harry was asking where I was. I told him to come pick me up at a nearby park.
"Hey, please answer my phone call, next time." He said while walking to me.
"Harry...." I started crying.
"Whats wrong?" he said hugging me.
"I was called this stupid name, but it fine..." I said reassuring him. 
"No, it's not.-" He said holding up my chin.
We were about to finally kiss when a mob of fans came. I saw Harry change from the loving guy to the defensive pop star. 
     "Are you Harry's friend?" "Are you two dating?" Multiple questions were being thrown at me. I smiled and said me and Harry were just friends. 
"For now..." smirked Harry. 
"Excuse me fans, I have something very important to get back too." I said stealing Harry back to his car. 
      I held his hand as we walked into the hotel room. I was unsure of this. But I knew I wanted him in my life. 
"Guy's I want you to meet Helen." Harry said to the rest of the band members. 
"Hello, Im Louis Tomlinson." Louis smirked.
"I'm Zayn, obviously." he said.
"Yes, I know all your names. And believe me it's an honor to meet you." I told them.
"And to my pleasure, we are dating." smiled Harry.
"Ugh, excuse me while I go puke." Liam said walking out the hotel.
"I'll go talk to hi-" Harry said furiously.
"No, I'll go. Make things right with him" I said walking out.
"What was that! Liam look at me!" I shouted.
And then he kissed me. Bloody-fuck Liam Payne just kissed me. I was shocked when he pulled away. I couldn't even speak. 
"Im so sorry, I just can't stand it." he said.
"What? Stand what?" I said confuse.
"See him treat you like that. Like your just another girl. Something he'll use and end. Nothing like Niall, who actually treats girls right." he confessed.
"But you said Take A Risk?" I said.
"To keep you closer by MY side, not his" he said.
     I couldn't take this anymore, the betrayal was too much. I walked past him and kept walking. He tried to stop me but he eventually stopped. I needed to see Kimmy.


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