Harry+Helen: A One Direction FanFic

Helen is a normal teenager, until the day she meets Harry Styles. Their love takes new hardships as Helen learns how it truly is to date a pop-star. Like dealing with fans, proving her love for Harry to Zayn, and stopping Liam's crush on her. She will have to endure these obstacles for her relationship with Harry. But does she truly want Harry? Read on and find out.


5. Harry+Helen: Perrie's Deal

   I felt my phone ringing against my thigh.Surely, he was calling wanting to know where I was. But I didn't want to see him at the moment. I just needed time to myself, to think of what had just happened. Liam James Payne, Harry's band-mate, had kissed me. He also confessed he liked me. I sighed at my mess. I saw the texts, and saw Harry begging to know where I was. I was at a cafe about five blocks from One Direction's hotel suite. But instead of telling my sweet Harry to come to my rescue, I gave Zayn my location. I knew he would be there for me. He was at the cafe within minutes. 

"Helen, you would not believe the traffi-" He started. 

"Zayn, Liam kissed me." I said quickly.

"Oh, that explains it" Zayn smirked.

"What are you talking about?" I said buckling my seat-belt. 

"Liam got in a big fight with Harry. And well Harry thought something bad happened, and it did! Ha" Zayn joked.

I punched him on the shoulder, "That's not funny" I frowned.

"Just tell me, did you like it?" Zayn asked turning on my street.

"Maybe, maybe not" I said tracing my lips.

"Ah, Harry's gonna enjoy this" Zayn laughed.

"Don't tell Harry!" I shrieked. I couldn't think of Harry getting in a fight with Liam over a stupid kiss.

"Ima need some persuasion...." Zayn said.

"Oh, really? Like what?" I asked.

"Perrie needs a friend when she comes to LA" Zayn said.

"You got a deal." I said hopping out of his car.

"Really?" Zayn said with an eyebrow arched at me.

"Yes, we'll have fun. Shopping, eating, and exploring. Just don't tell Harry about that kiss!" I shouted

"Fine, as long as Liam doesn't." Zayn whispered before driving off.


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