Harry+Helen: A One Direction FanFic

Helen is a normal teenager, until the day she meets Harry Styles. Their love takes new hardships as Helen learns how it truly is to date a pop-star. Like dealing with fans, proving her love for Harry to Zayn, and stopping Liam's crush on her. She will have to endure these obstacles for her relationship with Harry. But does she truly want Harry? Read on and find out.


9. Harry+Helen: Lovebug's doomed!

Liam was staring at me waiting for me to respond. His hand began rubbing my back. I felt his eye's on me, but I refused to look up. Liam kissed me and I actually liked it. And this was bad, very bad. What about Harry? I was in a relationship with him! I couldn't be two-timing Harry with Liam. I am not a hoe, my mum raised me better. I looked up and kept eye contact with him. Preparing myself.

"Liam, I hate you!" I said seriously. 

His eyes were shocked. Surely, he'd thought the kiss was enough to win me. But it wasn't. Right?

"Helen....I love you" He said smiling, but his eyes still showed the hurt.

"No, well I don't. And you can't love me because I'm with Harry." I said breathing hard.

He sighed he was about to say something but we were interrupted by other teens.

"OMG! You're Liam Payne! Can we get a photo with you!?" A girl with beautiful blue eyes asked.

I saw Liam instantly take a defensive stance. 

"Sure." He said cautiously.

When the picture was taken, a adorable chubby boy walked to me. I saw Liam stare at him like he was going to take him if something happened.

"Are you Liam's girl" The boy asked.

I mouthed a giant O. Liam laughed.

"Not yet she isn't." Liam said giggling and taking my waist.

I punched him in the gut with my shoulder.

"No, I'm dating Harry." I said eyeing Liam.

"OMG! Harry! No way! You guys are so cute together. I ship you guys!" A girl with braces and a cute blouse said.

Liam's nostriols expanded I saw the pain in him. I laughed trying to make him ignore the girl. Thank god the employe said it was our turn to get on Flash. I pulled Liam by the collar before he would do anything crazy to that girl.

I sat next to Liam who was silent. Too silent. It was scary. I shoved him playfully to see if he was okay. But he just nodded. I needed something better. I took his hand in mine and squeezed it. I saw him smile and he took mine and kissed it. Oh no, not was I was going for. 

"I'm sorry." Was all he said before taking hold of the rail when the ride started.

I saw Louis and Zayn waving at us when the ride started. I seriously hope they didn't see the kiss. 

I smiled and waved back. I still felt Liam sad but he too was happy to see his mates. When the ride ended I saw Kimmy walking to me, she was crying. Like alot. I ran to her and hugged her. She broke down. I never once had seen her cry like that. Niall's ass is in trouble I promised myself. I felt my shoulder wet and I patted Kimmy  trying to make her feel better. 

"What happened?" Louis asked. I felt his voice deeply concerned.

"He.......he" Kimmy tried.

"Sit down, love." Zayn said pointing to the bench. 

Kimmy kept weeping, I looked up at the boys who were talking quietly amongst each other.

"Take me to the......bathroom." Kimmy whispered.

I knew she didn't want the lads to hear. I took her to the nearest bathroom and saw her wipe her tears away with a napkin. I didn't ask her to tell me because I wanted her to get better.

"He.....said...we should take a ......break." She said. 

"Kimm...." I started.

"Take Me Home, please." She said trying not to cry.

"Okkay...." I said walking out to find the boys asking me what had happened.

"Helen, spill it."Louis said. 

I breath in. "Who wants to lend me a car?" 

"What?! Why??" Liam asked.

"I'm taking her home." I said looking deep into his eyes. I was still worried for Liam. 

"Take mine." Zayn threw his keys at me. I saw Louis and Liam snap their heads towards Zayn. Zayn only shrugged. 

"Thanks!" I said taking Kimmy's hand and walking away. 

"What do we tell Harry?" Louis asked.

"Or Niall?" Zayn followed.

"Bye." I waved back. I needed to help out my friend. Harry would have to wait.....especially what I had to tell him. And Niall? I was going to have to go ninja on him for making Kimmy cry. 

The papperazzi was outside following us back to Zayn's ar.

"Helen, why are you taking Zayn's car?"

"Helen, what happened in there?"

"Helen, are you and Harry over?"

"Kimmy, why are you leaving?"

"Are you girl's playing with the boy's hearts?" 

I stopped and thought about that question. Appartently that was all the pap's needed. They began asking who was I cheating on with Harry. I felt trapped. So many questions were asked, the cameras flashing, and the pushing and the pulling the interviewers did to get me to spill was painful. They suddenly stopped when all of the members of One Direction came out running towards us. I wanted to run to Harry but I couldn't because a mob of fan's ran towards them. 

"Helen!" Harry shouted.I wanted to push the girls who were grabbing him and pulling on his beautiful curls. But I felt Kimmy pinch me. I saw her and saw that she was bleeding from her nose. She was pointing to my forehead. I saw through Zayn's car that I was also bleeding. 

"Get in" I said opening the car. I saw that in seconds the mob of girls were now surrounding the car. They were banging on it and writing on it.

"Stupid bitches!"

"Ugly whores"

"No one wants you"

"Go die"

"Ugh curse you losers"

They were just shouting. I was freaking out I couldn't drive without hurting the fan's. I started honking and then the girls moved. I was free. I stopped right in front of Niall.

"Helen." He started.

I locked the doors knowing the boy's wanted to get in. 

"Open the door, Helen" Harry screamed. But I ignored him, my beef was with Niall.

"Niall," I started.

"Helen!" Kimmy said freaking out. I thought she just didn't want me to talk to Niall. But I saw the mob coming towards the car. I drove off but not without giving a quick message.

****What do you peeps think will or should happen? Please feel free to comment. Don't worry Nialler will get on Helen's good side soon!? 

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