Harry+Helen: A One Direction FanFic

Helen is a normal teenager, until the day she meets Harry Styles. Their love takes new hardships as Helen learns how it truly is to date a pop-star. Like dealing with fans, proving her love for Harry to Zayn, and stopping Liam's crush on her. She will have to endure these obstacles for her relationship with Harry. But does she truly want Harry? Read on and find out.


8. Harry+Helen: Last First Kiss

I screamed as the ride did it's first loop. I saw Niall gripping the bar so hard that his knuckles turned white. I tried my best to close my eyes but the wind kept opening them. The thrill was unbearable. I heard Loui screamed a Yeah! When we went into the tunnel. I saw only black and held Niall's shirt. His hand grabbed my hand, as if comforting me. But soon again we held on to the bars for our life's. The ride ended shortly after that. When I got off the seat I immediately felt dizzy but happy to finally be on the ground. I knelt down on the floor and Niall did so as well. 

"What are you two doing?" Zayn asked.

"Thanking the ground" Niall answered.

"Oh, come-on let's go see the pictures." Liam said walking to the photo area.

I waited for Harry, but saw he was surrounded by more girls. I sighed and walked to were the guys were. In the picture, I saw Liam smiling and Zayn and Loui putting their hands up, but me and Niall seemed to hidding. Then, I noticed we were holding each other on that last loop. Our faces scared but you could see we were having fun.

"Im  totally buying this" Loui said.

"Put that in our scrapbook" Liam said laughing.

While Loui purchased the photo, Niall went to go talk to Kimmy. I stayed between Zayn and Liam, waiting for something to do. 

"We'll probably not see them later on" Zayn said breaking the awkward silence. 

"Yup." I said eyeing Kimmy and Niall. They needed their own time to get things right.

I  saw Harry,who was still surrounded by girl's. I sighed. I had to get used to this. 

"Well?Where to next?" Loui said tucking the photo into his small backpack.

"Goliath." I said smiling. I loved that ride. The boys smiled back and started walking towards the ride. I didn't wait or look back at Harry, I'd just hope he'd follow.

Our turn came to ride Goliath and Harry wasn't with me. Zayn volunteered to ride with me.

"I'm that bad huh?" I said seeing the boys didn't like sitting next too screaming girls.

"No, just that Liam should sit with Loui. That man is out of control." Zayn laughed.

"Out of cont-How?" I said as the guy test our seats.

"He almost told Harry." Zayn whispered knowing Liam was in front of us.

I took a deep breath and chose to ignore what Zayn said. I just focused on getting ready for the ride. This ride was my favorite  because I usually screamed bad words on the way down,it was a thing I always did to not get scared. 

"Zayn, let's shout bad words on the way down, yes?" I asked Zayn who was freaking out as the ride went up for the first drop down. 

"Yes, we AHHHHHHHH" Zayn said before the ride went down.

We shouted a lot of bad words. Liam and Loui joined us half-way down. My heart was beating like crazy. I grabbed the bar and smiled when the camera took pictures. There was no way I ws going to look funny on this one.

"Oh my gosh, I hate it!" Zayn said getting off.

"Never again I say" Loui cried.

"Bloody-fuck" Liam slurred under his breath. 

"Where now?" Zayn said kneeling down.

"Hmmmm......Look Batman and Wonder-woman!" I said pointing at the people in costumes surrounded by people.

"Lets get a photo with the heroes!" Liam said pushing us over there.

We look the photo posing like we were crime fighters. It was pretty awesome. 

"I wanna go on Wonder-woman!" Loui begged Zayn pulling him to the ride. 

"Ugh Fine! Let's go." Zayn said at the second whine. Liam and I saw them get on. I smiled and waved at the boys who were about to get very dizzy.

"Let's go on Flash." Liam said taking my hand and walking to the ride.

This was the time. For the talk. A serious talk with Liam Payne. I released myself from his warm hand and looked at him.

"Liam, we can't do this." I started.

He sighed, "Do what?"

"You  can't just take my hand. Liam, I'm dating Harry." I broke it to him.

"But..." He begged.

"No but's. Liam you're his mate. You can't just go and kiss his girl-friend." I said.

He  looked me deep into the eyes. Our brown orbs melting into each other. I had to look away before something regretful happened.

"Helen. Harry doesn't deserve you. You don't deserve this." He said taking my chin and making me look into his gorgeous eyes.

"Liam......" I begged knowing what was going to happen.

"Shhhh. I will alway's be there, I promise." He said his lips brushing my forehead. 

"I love Harry." I whispered pulling back.

I saw his eyes. The lovely spark in them disappeared. His eye's were hurt. His motion-less face told me he was pained. 

"Love?! That's a strong word to use towards Harry!" He said icly.

"Liam!" I said.

"No, you listen here. What you feel for Harry isn't real. Helen, how could you love Harry!? That's not even Love."He shouted.

"How the hell would you fucking now?!!!" I said angry and hurt. I felt my eyes getting teary. 

"Because I love you." He said softly taking my face into his hands. He wiped my tear with his thumb. I was shocked. I thought Liam only had a crush on me. But.....no no no.

"Liam, No stop." I said pushing him away from me. 

"Think about it Helen. He's somewhere else when he should be here. With you! But he's not! He's with other girls. But please tell me who is standing right here with you! Beside you!?" He shouted.

"You." I admitted. I felt so confuse.

"Exactly. And that's because I love you with all my heart. Forever and ever!" Liam said taking my right hand and puting it to his chest. I felt is heartbeat. 

"No.." Was all I could say."

"Helen, you'll never learn will you? You just take me to the extremes. Put hey I've been wanting to do this since we first got here." He said smiling and looking deep into my eyes.

"What are-" I was forced to stop when Liam took my face and crashed his soft lips against mine. I couldn't move, it was like I was in a trance. This was a more gentle kiss than the last one he'd given me. His hands took hold of my waist as I grabbed his neck. This kiss was amazing! Like he literally plan this out. When he finished he saw my face to see my reaction

I saw his face, he smiled knowing I had liked it. But I panicked! Oh Shit!!!!!!! I really did like it. I even wanted to do it again. No! I couldn't this was bad. A mistake? What should I do? Liam's looking at me. REACT HELEN! But do what? Do I love Harry. Oh my god, does this make me a whore!?Liam ,Harry ,Liam, Harry..........................................................................I'm fucked. 

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