Harry+Helen: A One Direction FanFic

Helen is a normal teenager, until the day she meets Harry Styles. Their love takes new hardships as Helen learns how it truly is to date a pop-star. Like dealing with fans, proving her love for Harry to Zayn, and stopping Liam's crush on her. She will have to endure these obstacles for her relationship with Harry. But does she truly want Harry? Read on and find out.


11. Harry+Helen: Crazy Mofos

Holy shit. I said to myself while driving. I loved Harry but also felt something for Liam. I'm so stupid. Why would I do this to Harry? Why Liam? Ugh, these Liam feels were killing me. But I just needed to stop being fricken Bella Swan and pick a guy and that'll be the end. The problem was who? I was still considered Harry's girlfriend. But if Harry found out about Liam, would he still love me?

"Helen....." I heard Kimmy say.

"Yeah?" I told her trying to leave my thoughts and listen to her.

"Let's go to my house." She replied sleepily.

"Wha-Okay." I said happy she had finally chosen a destination. Besides I was tired and it was getting late.

I took the 405 freeway lane towards Kimmy's house. It started raining lightly but then it poured when I looked at Kimmy sleeping beside me. I shooked her when we were at her driveway.

"We here." I said getting off.

There was no paperazzi's to be seen. They must have gone because of the rain. I knocked on the door only to find the most cutest brother any girl should ever have.

Kimmy's older brother opened the door. He was wearing a plaid shirt and sexy glasses and boxers. God, this guy was so hot. I would die to have a guy that hot to live with me. I actually had told Kimmy I was obsessed with her brother in 10th grade. She actually approved if we'd went out. That is, if I actually grew some balls and ask him out. But now I had complications, I couldn't be all over him when I had Harry and Liam to deal with.

"Helen..." He said in his sweet but bad boy voice.

"Hi Seth.." I melted inside.

"Come in you must be freezing. Kimmy you too." He said smiling at me.

"Seth, you would not believe what happened today!?" Kimmy said barging in.

"Oh is it involve Niall Horan of One Direction" He said in a British accent.

"How did you know?" Kimmy said eyes getting wider.  

"It's all over the news." He said smirking at me.

"No! Fuck" Kimmy turned on the tv. TMZ was on talking about our fiasco at Six Flags.

I chose to ignore it. I just didn't want to hear what they thought of me. I needed sleep.

"Seth, can I shower?" I whispered to him as Kimmy screamed at the tv set.

"Sure, follow me." He said walking up  the stairs.

He showed me the bathroom where I could bathe myself.

"Kimmy's clothes are probably to big for you" Seth joked.

I laughed. Sure Kimmy's size 0 was too big for me.

"Well, I'll leave some of my clothes for you in her room." He said smiling at me.

Oh god! I was going to wear his clothes! The boy I've had a crush on for 3 years was finally giving me his clothes to wear.

I was taking a shower trying to think about what I would do now. When Kimmy barged into the bathroom.

"Helen! One Direction is here!" She shouted throwing me a towel. 

I got out dripping water across her floor into her room.

"Oh shit!" I said.

"What?" She asked.

"Seth didn't leave me clothes." I said panicking.

"Oh no." She said putting make-up now.

"Seth! Seth!" Kimmy shouted. But he wasn't coming.

"He's with the boy's." I said opening her door. I knew his bedroom was downstairs.

"Ima go." I whispered. I felt like a ninja going down the stairs quietly \.

"Dude, you're an idiot" I heard Seth tell Niall.

"I know. But it was a mistake. Please let me see her." Niall said in his beautiful accent.

I sneaked all the way down the stairs so now I needed to go through the kitchen and into his bedroom to get dress.

"That's if she want's to see you!" Seth's voice was raising. It made goosebumps run all over me. Seth was never angry just like Kimmy was never sad. Boy, Niall better watch out.

"Helen?" A voice whispered behind me.

"Louis...." I said shocked.

"Umm, what are you doing?" He said looking at me covered in a towel a lemonade bottle in  his hand.

"I was going to go get dress....in there" I said pointing to Seth's room.

"Ah. Okay. Just come back. Wouldn't want you running away again" He joked.

My only response was a smile.

"Helen?! Oh god, I'm so sorry." Seth said coming into the kitchen. I saw Harry and the rest of the band follow him. This is what I didn't want, everyone seeing me only with a towel.

"Love the look." Harry said grinning.

I blushed a little but was not comfortable letting One Direction see me.

"Seth...." I pleaded looking at Seth.

"Gotcha, follow meh" He said entering his room.

"Here." He said handing me a white shirt and some shorts.

"Um, Seth?" I asked him nervously.

"Yup?" He said turning towards me.

"I well don't have a bra...." I said blushing.

"I don't suppose Kimmy shares your size?" He asked smiling.

I obviously had a bigger chest than her. So I gave him the Are-you-kidding-me look.

"Sorry....." He said laughing.

He digged through his closet and handed me a undershirt and a cute american flag sweater.

"Will that do?" He asked.

"Sure." I said pushing him out the door. 

I came out of room with all eyes on me. I was freaked out when I heard a scary laugh upstairs. 

"Kimmy" Seth whispered. 

"She's with Nialler" Zayn yawned.

"Well, since the rain is crazy. I guess you guys can sleep over." Seth said looking outside.

"I'll go get blankets and pillows from the basement." I whispered to him.

"Do you want me to go with you?" He asked.

"I'll go" Harry interrupted.

I walked into the basement with Harry on my heels. 

"Helen" He said turning me around.

"Yeah?" I said looking into his eyes.

They looked hot and crazy. I liked how they looked, it turned me on. 

He seemed to notice my quietness, he got closer to me.Like so close! I felt his breathing and it was so sexy. He bit his lips with his eyes looking at me. Ayee Harry why are you so sexy!? His hands ran down my side and then back up onto my cheeks. 

"You're so warm..." He whispered.

I shivered at his voice. It sounded so hot and serious at the same time. He grabbed my chin and pulled my face to his. My heart started racing when I saw his close his eyes, his lips found mine. It was a small kiss.

He released me tilting his head.

"You want more babe?" He asked.

I nodded. I was so turned on. One kiss. A tiny kiss. And he had me begging for more. This boy was a genious. 

"Then get those pillow's" He said spanking my butt as he went to get those blankets"

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