The Black History

The one thing that never changes or has not leave us ^.^


1. The Wicked Bad

He is cold as ice 
Dark as the night 
An image of horror 
Always at the door 
Please never open it 
He hides in shadows 
A master of trickery 
A hungry creature 
The thought of him make your heart stop 
If he stood right there 
Could you even speak 
Or have the nerve to move 
Never challenge him 
Your fate is to loose 
He is worse then a stalker 
Even then a killer 
If he wants you... 
He can have you right there 
Never cheat him or attempt him 
That may cost you dearly 
He has traps for new victims 
At least he is friendly 
Always greet you 
You can make a deal with him 
But behind that hood is a grin of your fate 
How do I know all this you ask... 
When I appear he hides from my light 
I burn him with my touch 
I can save those he takes 
He is Death, I'm the Angel 
When their is a Cain or Lucifer 
There is also a Abel and Michael.

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