To Be the Chosen One

Post-War Earth and there is less than one million people left alive. They are ruled by the mysterious Glitterati whom no one has ever seen. The Glitterati will solve all our problems, they are our saviors. All they ask in return is a donation of five children. Unfortunately the Chosen are never seen again. Blaze was only sixteen years old when she was chosen. She must endure a perilous mission to escape her fate and show everyone who the Glitterati really are. With the help of the other Chosen she faces many dangers on her path. It's a pretty big world out there and she's only just beginning to realize it.


2. See What Awaits You Inside...

All of the Chosen were taken away by car to the official housing for the Chosen and guests to our village. I had never seen behind the gates before. It was huge though there was no difference between this and the other government buildings. All were concrete grey slabs protruding out of the ground, shattering the green nature of the area. I had never been in an official government building before, after all my only options were here, the hospital or the library. There were the usual armed sentries that patrolled the streets but here there were a hundred times more of them. They guarded the roof, the gardens and hovered around the reception area mostly. The superiors that picked us out grabbed us all individually by the arm and shepherded us inside, away from the staring eyes of passer-by’s trying to catch a glimpse of this year’s batch of Chosen. There was a superior waiting in the reception that wasn’t at the Selection Day, he was at least forty yet his hair was mostly white. He kept a clean shaven face which was most unusual around here considering most men kept long, straggly beards.

‘Welcome to your temporary home my Chosen children! How beautiful you all are. Please make yourselves at home here and enjoy yourselves. We want you to know just how important you are to us. Your Superior will lead you to your rooms now and then we can all have food! Doesn’t that sound fantastic?’ He said in an impossibly cheery voice. Every word was injected with enough enthusiasm to knock out a cow. His eyes rested on me for a moment and I felt an involuntary shiver run down my spine. I could have sworn he smiled at me as if he knew he creeped me out but then he walked from the room and the superior’s marched us all to the elevators. There were ten of us in all in the elevator yet no one said a word. All Superior’s stood in the back with one hand on their Chosen’s shoulder. Slowly, one by one, they all got off the elevator until it was just me and the sharp faced woman from earlier.

‘This is your floor.’ She stated as the doors opened on the final floor. I had been given the top floor with the best view of the whole city. One wall was completely made from glass and let you out onto the balcony to see the city below you. There were cushioned seats and fur rugs in a dip in the centre of the room. It was more splendour than I had ever seen in one area. When I was younger, I used to walk by the richer area of our village just to see their houses. They lived in the most beautiful houses I have ever seen and somehow their grass always seemed greener. I don’t come from a poor family but we aren’t exactly rich either. My father works in the major glass factory in the city while my mother is a librarian in the biggest library in the Society. Thinking about them now left me with an empty feeling in my stomach. They would both be at work for another few hours so they wouldn’t hear that their second eldest child was Chosen until this evening. My little brother would still be in class, Cristin only turned six this year so he was in his first year of the Academy. He was so excited to see the video today. I just hope Ms Blanc found him and told him to walk home without me. My sister would probably hear first. She was at home right now. After the birth of a child, the mother is permitted by Society to stay at home for its first two years. Evanna married three years ago and had little Mica last year. In fact she was probably being rung right now. She would be distraught, she hated the idea of being Chosen and never seeing your family ever again. She always wondered what they did with the kids who were picked. Why were they never seen again? I suppose I would find out soon enough.

‘Blaze? Hello?’ The woman was snapping her fingers in front of my face and I hadn’t noticed.

‘Oh, sorry….’ I said, drifting off to go look at the rest of the floor. The bed was huge and covered in silk pillows and richly embroidered wool coverlets.

‘My name is Superior Byrd, you can refer to me if you are having any problems. Please do not leave your room unescorted. Press the buzzer by the door if you need anything. I will be back in one hour to pick you up for dinner. I will have someone come up and help you pick an outfit suitable to wear.’ Byrd bowed slightly and left me alone in the echoing room.


Byrd was right, a peon came up within fifteen minutes of her departure to help get me dressed for dinner. The place was crawling with them apparently. This peon’s name was Margo, she usually worked in the kitchens but was always called to help the Chosen. She had a rail full of finery for me to try on. Most of the clothes were dresses of silk and chiffon, so fine and expensive I have never even laid eyes on the like before. Margo flicked through them all quickly with her nimble fingers and even held a few up to my body. I stood on a circular platform in the dressing area of my room. Margo ordered I stand there in only my underwear so I shivered in my vest while she held dress after dress up to me.

‘This is the one.’ She smiled at last. I had to agree with her, it was the most beautiful dress on the rail. It was pale pink chiffon with a sweetheart neckline, so Margo told me, with hand embroidered flowers cascading down the front diagonally from the right shoulder. It went well with my tanned skin, typical of our village. After I put the dress on and Margo zipped me in, I sat down at a large mirror for her to do my hair. She gaped openly as she touched it with her light fingers.

‘It is so beautiful. I have never seen the likes of it before.’ She said in her strangely accented voice. She said her s’s like z’s. Once she was done I glanced in the full length mirror and smiled a little. It was strange being out of the brown uniform I had worn all my life. My hair had been pulled all to one side with a loose plait threaded around the back that flowed into the loose strands on my right shoulder. It just touched the top of the dress and dropped into loose curls. The dress brushed the floor but I told Margo I was most defiantly not wearing those high heels some of the wealthier women wore in the village. I took one step and fell flat on my face so I decided to keep the flat pink shoes she gave me instead. Superior Byrd called my name from the main room impatiently. I rushed out, holding up my dress in one hand. She looked shocked for a moment then resumed her normal expression. She too had dressed up for the occasion. She wore a long black dress with an intricate design and a slit all the way up one leg. We were the first in the elevator. We stood side by side this time.

‘Are we picking up the others on the way?’ I asked her.

‘No, they are already downstairs. You are each making your entrance separately. You are to join the group last.’ Byrd informed me. So no extra pressure then.

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