To Be the Chosen One

Post-War Earth and there is less than one million people left alive. They are ruled by the mysterious Glitterati whom no one has ever seen. The Glitterati will solve all our problems, they are our saviors. All they ask in return is a donation of five children. Unfortunately the Chosen are never seen again. Blaze was only sixteen years old when she was chosen. She must endure a perilous mission to escape her fate and show everyone who the Glitterati really are. With the help of the other Chosen she faces many dangers on her path. It's a pretty big world out there and she's only just beginning to realize it.


3. Pillow Talk With the Enemy

There was no sign of anyone in the lobby, the whole place was deserted yet Byrd knew exactly where to go. Her gloved hand grasped my forearm and pulled me to the right. She was to walk through first and then I would follow behind her ten seconds later. I got to ten in my head and walked through the curtained doorway to the biggest room I had ever seen in my life. There was an orchestra playing softly at the far end of the room. Someone signaled my arrival by saying my name and then suddenly all eyes in the room were on me. I blushed wildly and kept my eyes down, hating the attention. I was forgotten as soon as I got to the last step. Everyone went back to their conversations and food. I spotted the other Chosen by a food table in the far corner of the room. It took a while for me to weave my way toward them through the crowds. Were all of these people Superiors? There had to be at least three hundred people in the room.

‘Hey guys. It is so good to see you.’ I emphasised. Saida smiled at me but it seemed empty, there was no spark behind her eyes. Her dress was beautiful; it accentuated her feminine curves beautifully. Oswell was fawning over her; he even rested a hand on her bottom for a moment. Her peon even put make up on her, I had told Margo not to bother. Her eyes were a smouldering purple while her eyebrows were two sharp accents. I told her she looked beautiful but she just looked sadly at her plate of food. My eyes rested on the table of brightly coloured foods and suddenly being social didn’t matter to me anymore. I grabbed a plate and piled it high with a bit of everything.

‘That is some appetite you have there. Leave room for the main.’ Oswell laughed. It was a deep throaty sound. I stared at him in awe.

‘You mean there’s more?’ I asked with my mouth full. They all burst out laughing at my expression except Saida.

‘I say eat as much as you can now, who knows if we’ll get fed next week?’ Thorin said ominously.

Topher rolled his eyes at the other boy, ‘I doubt it’s anything bad you guys. Come on, my Superior practically worships the ground I walk on.’

Thorin just shook his head and kept quiet, there was obviously no convincing Topher the seriousness of the situation.

‘You look stunning.’ Thorin said when they had drifted apart from the group. I had the sense to blush.

‘No way, Saida looks much nicer. I wish I had her curves.’ I sighed. I was like a ruler down the sides. If I gained weight it went straight to my stomach.

‘Blaze! There you are my dear girl. Come meet some people.’ Byrd grabbed my arm and pulled me over to a group of men in tuxedos. Thorin grabbed my plate off me and waved sadly. It seemed like no one was happy tonight.

‘Blaze darling meet Mordon Butler, Forest Levin and… Sorry what was your name again?’ Byrd asked the final gentleman. He smiled graciously and took my hand.

‘Cale Borden.’ He purred and kissed my hand. I felt the sick rise a little in my throat. I was surrounded by suits and dresses, all of these rich people in finery eating food piled high on plates while others starved around them. There were people in the village who were rich, like Topher or middle of the road like me but there were also the destitute who had nothing. They lived off donations and often begged in the street. They were the sludge workers and peons of the population. I felt sick to think those people had nothing and often starved while there was all this extra food here that no one wanted.

‘Blaze, Mr Borden here organized this event for you.’ Byrd informed me. He looked at me waiting for me to compliment his work.

‘Really? Well Mr Borden, may I ask what you plan to do with all of this waste food tonight?’ I asked pointedly. The other men in the group stared at me, unsure if I had really just asked that. Borden just stared in amazement, with an amused smile plastered on his face. Superior Byrd was horrified.

‘Well Ms Du Perris. I had planned on giving my dogs quite the feast tonight. I have five of them, all trained to rip a man to shreds if I say the right word. Perhaps you might like to see them one day?’ He questioned.

‘Perhaps Mr Borden, one day. I just wondered, would it not be wiser to give all of this waste to our destitute population? After all, they are so in need of food and you have so much to give. I’m sure they would be very grateful.’ I smiled at him. I swear I saw a spark of annoyance behind his eyes but he covered it with another of his grins. He let one of his gloved hands touch my bare shoulder and caressed my hair.

‘Such beauty. I have never seen hair of this colour so bright before. You truly speak fine words Ms Du Perris. Alas I must dash, perhaps I will see you again soon?’ He questioned. I gave him a curt nod.

‘If I may be excused Superior Byrd, I am famished.’ I said to an open mouthed Byrd and stalked away without waiting for an answer.


‘What did they want?’ Thorin asked me. I didn’t hear him sneak up behind me.

‘He was just some posh idiot exercising his power over everyone lesser than him. I asked him nicely to consider sharing his food with the destitute population. He completely ignored what I had said.’ I ranted to Thorin who stared at me with wide eyes.

‘Why would you do that? You don’t come from the destitute.’ Thorin asked quietly.

‘Well because no one should starve. Look around Thorin, they live in luxury, without want. Yet there are families with little children only a minute’s walk from here who are starving. I don’t see the fairness in that.’ I said in a bitter voice. I could have sworn I saw Thorin wipe away a tear before looking away at the crowd.

‘There sure is a lot of people here tonight.’ He said.

‘Yeah, have you talked to anyone?’

‘A few, but I’d much rather stay here and talk to you.’ He stared at me with his inquisitive green eyes, asking me a silent question. I had no idea what it was so I kept quiet. Soon Topher was back over to create more white noise for me to ignore.


‘Here grab my hand.’ Thorin reached out and pulled Topher up the rest of the way. All of the Chosen had migrated to Thorin’s room which was much the same as mine. Of course we had to wait for our Superior’s to leave us and pretend to fall asleep but after that it was pretty easy to assemble a makeshift ladder and climb down one floor. Oswell or ‘Ozzie’ as he had asked us all to call him was making out with Saida on the fur rug. Topher suggested he and I try it out but I quickly told him where he could shove that idea. Within ten minutes Topher had found something to keep him busy so it was just Thorin and I alone in the kitchen area. We sat on stools at the counter and talked about the Academy for a while. It was quiet for a long time then. I could tell there was something he wanted to say but for some reason couldn’t.

‘Look Blaze. I just wanted to thank you for what you said earlier. There aren’t a lot of people who think like you do.’ He said in his usual quiet voice, not looking at me.

‘Sure, Thorin. My parents would always give what extra they had to the destitute. They taught me that we are all the same, some people just weren’t given as much chances because of who they were. But that’s not what matters; it’s what you become that counts.’ I said. This time Thorin didn’t hide the tear he shed but wiped it away fast.

‘Don’t tell Topher whatever you do, but I’m a destitute. I have five brothers and sisters and it’s a struggle to get by sometimes. A lot of us turn to robbery but I always turned away from that side of our culture. Just because it was what I grew up around doesn’t mean I have to stoop to that level too, you know?’

‘Wow, Thorin. I never knew. I gotta say you hid it well.’ I smiled at him. He returned my smile.

‘Thank you.’ He whispered.

‘Why?’ I said.

‘For not saying you were sorry for me.’ He replied. I didn’t know what to say back but Topher shouted over to us to come over so I could avoid replying for now.

‘Hey Thorin, the two lovebirds went into your bedroom.’ Topher said gleefully. I shared a look with Thorin and we both banged on the door until one of them answered. Oswell held a cushion up to cover himself and smiled shyly while I looked away.

‘Well I won’t be using that cushion again ever.’ Thorin sighed.

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