Our Story

Love; a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
Insanity; repeating the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results.
Integrity; completeness: the state of being complete or undivided.


4. My Kinda Girl

I woke up to very loud yelling coming from some place nearby. Of course, they were playful guy screams but they were very, very loud. I looked over at my phone and checked the time; it was 9:30. Wow. I had been sleeping since 6. I hadn’t really talked to anyone since Harry left and I started unpacking. I was still in my clothes that I wore today so I decided to change into pajamas. I Put on black sweats with “DANCE” in pink down the side. Then I put on a hoodie that was pink and said “PINK” in black.

The noise was still very loud. I laid down when I heard a loud “BANG” from the room by mine. I jumped a little and sat up. I decided to go check it out. I plugged my phone into the charger. I walked out the door and looked both ways into the halls. I headed the way the noise was coming from. I kept walking down the long hall (that’s where everyone’s rooms were.) until I reached the end. I walked into, what must be the kitchen and living room area and the boys were wrestling. Typical guys. I looked around and realized everyone was staring at me. “Oh, im sorry im just gonna…” I pointed back down the hallway and started to walk back to my room when someone grabbed my arm. “No! I mean well, we want you to stay, if you don’t mind?” harry said while his hand was still grasped on my arm. “umm yeah I suppose.” I say and Harry just smiled and walked back to the rest of the boys. “So what are you guys doing in here?” I ask with a smile and sat down awkwardly. “You know.. just being guys.” Niall said with a cheeky grin. “Um guys I think I’m gonna get some sleep busy day tomorrow!” Liam says. “Yeah me too, I need my rest for the beach and concert tomorrow.” Zayn says “I’m just tired Louis says and they all head off to their rooms. Except for Harry and Niall.

“Do you guys wanna go to bed to? I know its going to be a long day for you guys tomorrow..” I ask. They look at each other and Niall answers for both of them. “Naww were good. We would rather be getting to know you then sleeping.” “Oh okay”. I say. “You want something to eat?” Niall asked while looking through the cabinets. I actually was starving I hadn’t eaten anything all day except for that cereal this morning. “Yes I’m starving!” Niall looked at me with a smirk as he popped his head out of the cabinets. “My kinda girl!”

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