Our Story

Love; a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
Insanity; repeating the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results.
Integrity; completeness: the state of being complete or undivided.


7. Florida: Part 2

The soundcheck was fun. Their voices were absolute perfection. The concert came soon. I mean, a little too soon. Even though I should’ve known this, I wasn’t exactly expecting a thousand screaming girls coming in the arena doors 50 miles per hour.

Obviously, the arena filled up soon as the boys and I stood backstage waiting. When we were sure almost everyone was here, we started. I swear I busted an eardrum when the boys came into view of the all the girls. I’ve never heard anything like it before. “How do they handle all the screaming?” I thought to myself.  The boys started out with Rock Me and sang some other songs before answering some twitter questions.

Soon, the concert was over as the boys shared one last group hug and waved bye to their fans. The fog filled up the arena allowing the boys to sneak off, not letting all the fans know where to follow them.

“That was amazing!” I screamed over all the fans. “Huh?!” Niall yelled back. “That was amazing!” I repeated. “What?!” Niall yelled again. “She said that we did amazing!” Harry yelled for me this time. “Oh sorry! I cant hear! I think my eardrums busted!” He said.

Paul soon ushered us off to the van to return to the tour bus. We somehow managed to squeeze 6 people in a four-seater van. Harry, Liam, and Louis all sat on one side with me squeezed between Niall and Zayn on the other side. “Zayn is so sexy.” I thought to myself. “And Niall is so adorable!”

Niall looked over from out the window right into my eyes ocean-blue eyes of his. We were only inches apart due to the seating arangement. “You really thought we were amazing?” he whispered. “Of course.” I whispered back. He looked at my lips and licked his. There was obviously something going on and Harry noticed it. “HMumm.” He cleared his throat. Niall looked away at Harry. Niall gave him a questioning look but Harry only shook it off and looked out the window.

The rest of the ride we were all pretty silent except the occasional humming of the tune to the song on the radio. We got back to tour bus and I went straight to my room to charge my phone. Only 4% left. I sat on the bed and looked at my phone. I checked my tumblr and instagram and twitter when I heard a knock on the door. “Um hey.” it was Harry. “Hi.” I said back. “Yeah were about to go to the beach if you wanna come?” He asked, scratching the back of his head. “Yeah! sure!” I said. He shut the door and I walked to my dresser and grabbed my red and white polka dot bikini that make a bow in front and put it on. I also slipped on a wrap cover-up skirt leaving my top revealed and some white flip flops.

I grabbed my phone and walked out the door. I walked to the kitchen which is where Niall, Harry, and Zayn were. I figured Liam and Louis were still getting ready. I couldn’t help but notice everyone staring at me. “What? Is something wrong?” I asked. “No. Not at all. youre just so fit.” “Oh” I said and couldn’t help but blush. Then there was an awkward silence with everyones peircing eyes on me. Liam and Louis burts out of their rooms interupting the silence. “Is everyone ready?!” Louis yelled very loudly in his “announcer voice”. “Yep!” I said. And with that we all piled in the van and make our way to the beach.

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