Our Story

Love; a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
Insanity; repeating the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results.
Integrity; completeness: the state of being complete or undivided.


6. Florida: Part 1

The next morning I woke up and checked the time; 10:03. I sat up on the end of my bed and looked around the room. It really was beautiful. Lou really did a great job. But I should start getting ready. We were going to be at the concert stadium at 11: 30 and the concert was at 1. I guess we were getting there so early to set up and rehearsal and sound check and all that stuff. I walked into my closet to pick out clothes for the day and decided on v neck Beatles shirt with bright neon pink shorts and sandals with orange and pink on them. I straitened my brown hair and I put on some mascara, blush, and eyeliner. I looked in the mirror until I was satisfied with the way I looked. I checked the time once again but this time it said 10:45. I was starvinggg by this time and I hoped the boys would already be up and eating so I didn’t have to search for food all awkwardly.

I crept slowly out the door, careful not to let anyone know I was up just in case no one was up. I tip toed down the hall looking both ways at all times. “Looking for something?” I nearly jumped out of skin as I whipped around to where the noise was coming from to find Louis standing there with a curious look on his face. “Oh goodness! You scared me!” I said. “Sorry.” He said with a smile that looked like it could’ve come from a 6 year old. “It’s okay.” I chuckled as I heard someone walking up behind me. I turned around and Liam was walking toward us. “Hey guys! Breakfast is in the kitchen if you want some.” He smiled as he walked past us into the bathroom. “I’m starving!” I said to Louis. “You’re like a girl version of Niall aren’t you?” he laughed and we walked to the kitchen.

Zayn, Niall, and Harry were sitting in little stools eating on the island. Louis ran into the kitchen, grabbed food, and pulled a stool over to the empty space at the island all in one move. It almost seemed impossible how fast he did it! “Plates are over there along with silverware,” Harry said pointing at the counter with plates and forks on it. “and the food is still on the stove.” I grabbed a plate and a fork and walked over to the oven. It had scrambled eggs and toast. Yum! My favorite!

I turned around and glanced around the kitchen. Where was I supposed to sit? Zayn must’ve noticed my face and he got up. “Rylee you can sit here im done.” Zayn gulped down the last of his eggs and left the kitchen. “Thanks.” I said shyly. I sat down in Zayn’s spot in between Niall and Harry. “Goodmorning!” Niall said to me. “Good morning!” I replied.

We ate the rest of our breakfast while the boys chatted about the concert today. They loved their fans. They really did. Soon, the time to go to the stadium and get ready for the concert. “So do you have everything you need?” I thought for a second. “What would I need?” I asked. “Umm I guess nothing unless you can think of something.” He smiled. Gosh he was very cute. “I don’t think so..” I replied.

My dad came barging through the door right about this time. “Alright everyone in the van!” He said and gestured us all outside the bus to a van outside.

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