Your My Kryptonite

I don't know what it is but when I'm around him I go weak...


2. The first day of summer is always the best

** Jessie's P.O.V**

"Ugh I'm soooooo glad school is over!" Maddie shouted out of the car window as we were driving to my house.

"Me too." Me Holly and Antonia said in union. The radio was on and a contest to win 1D concert tickets came on. 

" OMG everyone shut up!" Antonia yelled.

"do you want the chance to go and see the hottest boy band right now, well then all you have to do is be the 100th caller. You will get 4 plane tickets to New York and take 3 of your friends or family members with you. You will get V.I.P tickets and front row seats. So if you want to win get callin'. The radio DJ said. Maddie Antonia and Holly immediately whipped out their phones and called the radio station. A few moments later Antonia started screaming and bouncing up and down in her seat and started yelling " I WON OMG I WON I CAN'T BELEVE I WON AHHHHH!!"

People on the streets were giving us funny looks and other girls driving by gave us glares, well I guess they also entered the same competition. We pulled up into my drive way and got out. Antonia started screaming again we calmed her down then went inside, my mom was at work so we could do whatever. 

" Wanna watch a movie?" Holly said 

"Sure what one though" Maddie asked. We all rushed to my drawer full of DVD's. I picked out titanic and we watched that one. By the end of the movie we were sobbing our eyes out. My mom walked through the door and looked at us all then started laughing

" Did you watch titanic again girls?" Mom asked us

" y-yeah" I stuttered . Then we started jumping around and screaming again and my mom gave us weird looks " Oh, yeah we forgot to tell you! We won a competition to go and see one direction in New York" I squealed 

"Congratulations sweetie; well im off to bed the girls can stay here if they wanna."

after that we all headed off to bed (half of the girls clothes were already here)


***A/N*** First of all i wanna say thanks to the 2 people who have favourited this story and the person who has liked it and it would be nice for some feedback xx 


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