The Connection.

It's about a girl that fell for teenage heart throb Harry Styles. She's special to the world in the future. But how is Harry connected to that? Read & figure it out.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1   Have you ever had the chance to see your favorite band but turn it down because they won't notice you? No? Well that's what I did. A disgrace right? Well I did it for a good reason, to stop the heartbreak. See I fell for the teenage heart throb Harry Styles but he doesn't know I exist. Ever since I started to like One Direction I felt this odd emotional attachment with Harry. Whenever he's sad, mad, or happy, I feel the same way. Weird right? That's what my friends told me. It's like I have this connection with him, but he probably doesn't feel it. Well anyways they're coming to my hometown on July 28th, my hometown being Seattle, Washington. Boring I know. Trust me it's more fun than you think, even though it rains like every other day. You get used to it. Oh I didn't introduce myself. My bad. My name is Zoë, I'm 16. I have brown hair with blonde tips and brown eyes. I'm medium height, I think I'm ugly & fat but my friends tell me otherwise. Wait no they beat me up because I say those things. Little bastards. I live with my mom. My dad's not in the picture that much. I have 3 siblings. 2 on my mom's side and 1 on my dad's side. Nobody honestly cares about them they aren't really apart of the story. Anyways, I'm very random & I like unicorns so. My friends tell me that me and Harry would be a cute couple but do the math. He's famous and I'm not even close to being famous. He's 19 & I'm 16. He has girls all over him and I'm just a nobody, that no guy wants. Who would want a nobody? Oh yeah nobody. Tomorrow's the day of their concert, if I would have accepted the tickets I would be getting ready to meet 'my future husband'.   Harry's POV Over the few years that I have been famous I have felt this weird vibe/connection with somebody but I don't know who. Tomorrow we are going to Washington state. Does anybody even live there? I know Grey's Anatomy was shot there but seriously other than that I have never really heard anything about this state but I feel like I've been there before, like I know somebody that lives there. I push that thought aside. Our set list for tomorrow starts with Kiss you, Little Things, One Thing, Teenage Dirtbag, One Way or Another and then What Makes You Beautiful. I'm super excited for some reason, maybe I will meet a cute girl that I could call mine? Nah probably not. I love America but I'm sort of homesick. I'm gunna take a nap on Louis.    Harry's Dream POV I see this girl, she's about 16 or 17. She's beautiful and perfect. I'm in her house I think or apartment. She has a few posters of us but not many like other fans. She seems sad for some odd reason, I feel the urge to comfort her but I can't. Her mum calls her for dinner. I figured out her name from her mum, the girls name is Zoë. I feel like that name means something to me. Her mum looks familiar. There's this ledge with a bunch of picture frames with pictures, I see one that stands out to me. It's a picture of a man holding a baby. The man looks oddly familiar, I think the baby is Zoë. *Flashback* Anne(my mum): Harry, baby this is Steven Neff his mum knows my mum, him & his gf just had a baby together and we want you to protect her with your life because we want you guys to end up together. I know you don't understand what we are saying but when the time comes you will know what to do. Ok baby? Baby me: Alright mummy. Ello sir.  Steven: (whispers in my ear) My baby girl's name is Zoë, I trust you with her, protect her please. She's special. Her purpose in the world is more special than you would think. *end of flashback* That's how I know her. I think I love her. Steve's voice: No Harry you can't love her, you need to protect her with your life. Hurt her and I will hurt you.    Back to Harry's POV (out of the dream) Louis: Harry wake up we're here & you're sweating buckets. Me: Oh I'm sorry mate. Bad dream. What time is it?  Louis: 3 in the morning why? Me: I need to do something, I know somebody that lives here and I need to stop by. Louis: At this time at night? Me: They won't mind, I'm pretty sure she's awake. Louis: Oh it's a girl? Go get her mate.   When I was in the dream state I found her address. I'm gunna go get one of the cars we usually ride in & drive to her house just to see if she's ok.  I get a car without arguing with Paul.  It's like a 30 minute drive.   Zoë's POV I hear somebody banging on my front door. I walk downstairs with a baseball bat because my mom is a heavy sleeper she won't hear anything that's going on, but I'm glad I play softball so I know how to use this bat.  They keep banging. Ugh it's making my head hurt. I ask who's there, no reply. I look through the window next to the door and I can tell it's a guy that's about 6'1 with curly hair, he looks familiar. The connection is coming back and feels stronger than ever. I open the door, ready to beat some ass with this baseball bat. Is that Harry Styles?
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