Right Guy: sequel to Wrong Guy

Harry proposed to Stacey! There life seems perfect now Harry proposed to Stacwy they are going to the same colloge but will everything keep on being perfect?


32. sorry

Stacey's P.O.V

 I had to tell Harry about my child and his child. I sat alone on my bed thinking about what i was going to say to him and he came in i bit my lip i was so nervous. "Babe i am so sorry!" he cried. "Harry it's fine, but i have something worse to tell you. "What is it babe?" he asked as he sat don next to me. "I'm pregnant," i replied tears rolling down my cheeks. "What, babe that's great why are you crying?" he asked. "Harry the baby's not yours I'm so sorry," i responded crying my heart out. "I'm so sorry Harry," i cried as he was sitting there speechless. "Harry!" i exclaimed. He got up and threw the lamp off the desk. "Who is the father?' he asked finally talking. "It's Alex's baby," i replied. "Oh," he responded. "But you have a child with Taylor!" i cried crying even more.

Harry's P.O.V

 I couldn't believe it Stacey was pregnant with Alex's baby and Taylor was with mine. I was so angry and upset. "No that can't be, i wore a condom with her and we only did it for like 3 mins., did she even show you a DNA test?" i asked. "No," she replied crying."Stacey i doubt it really," i told her. "Harry I'm scared of the future the baby belongs to Alex Taylor's baby might be yours and i just don't even know anymore," she cried.

Stacey's P.O.V

  Harry then walked out of the room and walked downstairs he was heading for the door. "Harry, where are you going!" i exclaimed. He ignored me and left. I then sat down and cried Harry was abandoning me, when i needed him most. The question was will he still stay with me?

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