Right Guy: sequel to Wrong Guy

Harry proposed to Stacey! There life seems perfect now Harry proposed to Stacwy they are going to the same colloge but will everything keep on being perfect?


16. Past meets again

Harry's P.O.V

 We were looking for the best wedding planners in town with Lou and Eleanor we decided to have the same wedding on the same day. 

  We went to the store to buy some food. "Harry could you please go look for laundry detergent?"she asked. "Sure babe!"I exclaimed kissing her forehead. 

 When I came back she was with her ex the one she almost gave her virginity to the one who broke her heart. "What are you doing here!"I exclaimed putting the laundry detergent in the cart. "Alex this is my fiancé Harry," she observed. "Oh the heart breaker?" He asked. "For your information he isn't a heartbreaker, he's the sweetest guy I ever met, he's better than you!" She exclaimed pulling me away and driving the cart away.  He ran after her. "Stacey, I'm sorry!" He shouted. She just grabbed the stuff and ran to the cashier. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "Nothing it's just that he is the worse ," she sniffled . "Babe come here ill never let anyone hurt you!" I exclaimed hugging her and kissing her. She paid and I took the bags. 

 "Babe I'm going to go with Eleanor to buy some stuff!" Exclaimed Stacey from downstairs. "Bring me some taco stuff!" I exclaimed. "Ok babe love you!" She exclaimed.

Stacey's P.O.V 

 Eleanor and I were looking at wedding dresses. I finally found it a big white strapless dress with  a little bit of puff. Eleanor got a mermaid dress it was incredible. "We need to go to the store to buy stuff to make tacos!"I exclaimed as we buckled in the car. I walked in alone and grabbed some goldfish crackers and some taco stuff and cookies. I was walking to the cashier. When someone pulled me and kissed me. It was Alex. "STOP IT ALEX YOU'RE A PIG IM WITH HARRY NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled as I slapped him. I walked away and payed. I had to tell Harry. 

  "He did what to you!" He exclaimed. "He kissed me, but don't do anything!" I yelled. "Stacey I'm going to FUCKING KILL HIM HE BROKE YOUR HEART HE THINKS HE CAN JUST TRY TO GET YOU BACK IM GOING TO FUCKING KILL HIM!"He yelled angrily as he put on his coat. "Harry don't!" I exclaimed as I ran after him. "Stay here Stacey please let me deal with this!" He exclaimed. "Harry!" I exclaimed as he slammed the door. I ran to Eleanor's room everyone else was on dates except for Louis and Eleanor. "Eleanor, come on!" I exclaimed. She grabbed her coat "where are we going?" She asked. "We're following Harry!" I exclaimed as we ran to my car. Harry was not to far.

  He stopped in front of Alex's house. I parked the car a few houses down. "Eleanor stay here ok?" I asked. She nodded. I walked as I got closer I heard yelling then it was quiet then I heard a gunshot. I ran. "No Harry no!" I yelled. I opened the door. I walked in I looked everywhere until I stopped in the loving room Harry was lying on the ground. Eleanor came in. "I'm calling 911!" She exclaimed taking her phone out. "You monster!" I yelled at Alex who was smiling. "Harry, can you still hear me?" I asked. He was shot on the side of his stomach. "Yes babe," he smiled. "Hazza don't give up don't give up I love you so much!" I cried . The police and paramedics came. They took Harry and Alex, but Alex was in hand cuffs. I went in the car. Harry was started to close his eyes. "He's losing a lot of blood!" Exclaimed the nurse.  

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