Right Guy: sequel to Wrong Guy

Harry proposed to Stacey! There life seems perfect now Harry proposed to Stacwy they are going to the same colloge but will everything keep on being perfect?


37. Our Pride and Joys

-1 month later-

Stacey's P.O.V

 Hazza and I were at the store buying more baby supplies the baby was due in 2-5 days. Hazza's mom was at home cooking dinner. I walked to aisle six where the baby lotions and shampoo was and Hazza was at aisle 7 looking at diapers. I grabbed the yellow tear-free shampoo and put it in the cart. I started driving the cart towards Hazza and then I looked at the ground water was under me basically coming out of me. I waddled to Hazza. "Um Hazz," I whispered looking at him. "Yes Stacey.. Woah! Stacey let's go!" He exclaimed walling me toward the exit. "Hazza my bag!" I exclaimed as he was speed walking me away from the abandoned cart that still had my bag. "Oh right," he replied going to the cart and grabbing my bag. He speed walked me out. 

 We got out of the car and Hazza grabbed the bag we had inside the car just in case the baby came early just like it did. He walked me toward the hospital entrance. "My wife's having a baby!" He shouted as he speed walked me inside. The nurse gave me a wheelchair to sit in, I sat in it. The nurse took us to a room. The doctor came in and let Harry be in the room. He called his mom. I then held his hand tightly. "Hazza this is it, the baby's comming out!" I squealed.

Harry's P.O.V

 I smiled at her, and then my mother came and she was let in too, she came In holding a camera. Stacey was having our baby or babies. I was excited. The doctor then instructed her to start pushing. She started pushing and I felt her grip hold me tighter. 

After a few pushes a baby girl came out. I cut the umbilical cord and my mom took a picture I kind of felt embarrassed.  Stacey let out a sigh of relief and she held our baby girl in her hands. "Hello Darcy," she smiled as she played with her little fingers. Her eyes were closed and she was beautiful like her mother. "Wait there's another one!" The. Doctor exclaimed, the nurse took Darcy and I held Stacey's hand she gripped it hard. Then she pushed again. 

 Again after a few pushes A baby boy came out. Stacey cut the umbilical cord and smiled and held him. "Oh Edward you look just like your father," she smiled at him and held him. "The nurse gave me Darcy, I held her with all my love. I kissed Stacey and she smiled. "We have a perfect family, I'm glad we had twins!" She exclaimed kissing Edward's small forehead. My mom took a picture of us all together. We were the perfect family.


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