Right Guy: sequel to Wrong Guy

Harry proposed to Stacey! There life seems perfect now Harry proposed to Stacwy they are going to the same colloge but will everything keep on being perfect?


4. Kiss

Stacey's P.O.V

 It was morning I decided to make everyone waffles. I walked in the kitchen there was Liam crying in a corner. I sat next to him. "Liam what's wrong?" I asked. "Danielle and I broke up!"  He cried. "Not to be nosey, but why did you guys break up?"  I asked. "She cheated on me," he cried. "Oh Liam!"I cried hugging him. He pulled away slowly kissing me. "Liam!" I exclaimed and slapped him. I ran out the door and drove home. 

Liam's P.O.V

 I shouldn't have kissed Stacey. She was Harry's fiancé. "I need to tell you something!"  I exclaimed knocking on Harry's door. He opened it. "Harry I feel so bad about what I'm about to tell you," I cried. 

Harry's P.O.V

  Liam was scaring me. Stacey wasn't here when I woke up I was really really scared. My heart was  beating  so fast. "What is it Liam!"I exclaimed. "I kissed Stacey, but I only did that because I was so depressed I'm so sorry mate!" He exclaimed. "Oh, did she kiss you back?" I asked. "No she slapped me, I feel really really bad!" He cried. "Liam I got to go!" I exclaimed running down the stairs. 

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