Right Guy: sequel to Wrong Guy

Harry proposed to Stacey! There life seems perfect now Harry proposed to Stacwy they are going to the same colloge but will everything keep on being perfect?


5. Don't care

Harry's P.O.V

 I don't care if my best mate kissed my girl, I would care If she kissed him.  I knocked on her door. No answer I barged inside and ran upstairs to her room. She was there crying. "Hey what's wrong?" I asked. "My dad is losing the divorce, my step mom might win it and I might stay with her!" She cried hugging me. "No way I hope she doesn't win!"  I exclaimed! She pulled away from my hug. "Hazz I have something to tell you," she observed. "What is it?" I asked. "Liam kissed me, but I didn't kiss back I promise!" She exclaimed. "It's fine I know he told me," I replied. "Are you mad?"she asked. "No not at all as long as you didn't kiss back or gain feelings for him," I remarked. "I would never I don't like Liam," she observed. "Ok,"I replied as I kissed her. "Want to come over?"I asked her as I hugged her. "Yes," she replied as she kissed me. 

Liam's P.O.V

 Stacey came in the door hugging and giggling with Harry. They sat on the couch and was making out. In front of me. I couldn't help, but feel really jealous. I only told Stacey that Danielle cheated on me, but the real reason is I like her and I'm mad at myself she's Harry's Fiancé why can't I just live with that. Stacey is finally able to be with one guy and I'm going to ruin it for her. I went up to ask Niall. I opened the door him and Mikayla were making out on his bed, I quickly closed it. I went to Louis he was in a long relationship with Eleanor so he must know something about love. "Lou I need to tell you something!" I exclaimed as I walked into his room. "Sure tell me," he replied. "I think I like Stacey!"  I exclaimed. Louis had this shocked face. "I know I'm a bad friend I should stop, but I can't"I exclaimed! "We'll you have to live with it she's Harry's fiancé and your going to have to live with it!" He exclaimed. I was the worst brother ever. 

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