Waking up in Vegas

The boy next to me stirred. Moaning as he rubbed his eyes. He then turned to face me, and his blue eyes burst open in surprise, but his weren't the only ones. I just woke up to Niall James Horan of One Direction. What?


14. The three Ms

*Niall: Present*


After I'd left the room in pure rage I was approached by one of my bodyguards making sure everything was okay. I explained Harry and I had gotten in a fight and I needed a little breather... Of course leaving out the parts involving Melody, Max, and marriage... The three Ms I guess. He had nodded understanding, it wasn't any secret to our teem that we fight a lot. We may be best friends, and practically brothers; but when you're trapped in a tour bus with them for so many days... Fights break out easily.

I quickly explained that I was going up to the bar but was staying inside the hotel so I didn't need security. He looked wary given how big the Mandalay Bay was and how many people were staying there, but our section of the hotel... Literally called The Hotel had a bar inside it and was normally quiet so he let me go.

I went to the elevator and pushed the button waiting for what felt like centuries for one of them to open. I entered the elevator with a few girls obviously here for the concert that night given their One Direction shirts... And well everything. I didn't even know they made hair clips. The girls squealed but then stopped when they saw I was crying. They didn't even ask anything of like signatures or pictures. They just looked at me with sorrow in their eyes as I sobbed. One young girl pulled me into a hug and I gladly accepted it. This is what I meant when I said we have the best fans in the world. Not cause they buy our items or come to concerts... No they're so caring. I gave them backstage passes, promised I'd sign and take pictures then. The girls were shocked but quickly explained they had another friend who was back at the hotel sick and asked for a forth pass. I smiled loving how they made sure to keep their friend happy as well and fished out another pass.

When the elevator reached the girls floor they nodded and thanked me and I rode the elevator up to the top floor, The Bar. I exited the elevator checking out the scene. Just  last night I had been here with Melody, I shook my head clearing that thought out of my head. I approached the bar and ordered a cup of beer... Lame Americans don't have pints here. I took a sip and pressed my forehead to the bar breathing heavy. I didn't think I'd get recognized there given our oldest fans are around eighteen, but I was wrong.

"Hey aren't you that Niall Horan guy?" I frowned ignoring the fan. I wasn't in the mood. "You know from that boy band One Direction," I kept my head down pretending I couldn't hear the mystery person. "Front man Harry Styles," my head burst up the sound of his name; that traitor. I turned around anger in my eyes gripping the bar.

"Don't ever say that name to-," I stopped realizing it was Melody in front of me. "Melody?" She quickly explained that she didn't know what else to do and I opened my arms for her and she ran straight into them. I held her as tight as I could whispering everything would be okay.. She then said something that broke my heart to bits,

"Maybe it was fate?" I looked at her pain evident in my eyes. Her face softened when she was how hurt I was.

"You think marrying Max was fate? That he's your future?" I asked sort of angry sounding.

"No," she looked down whispering, "I think you're my future." My eyes shot open in surprise. She really does love me! "But," but? No she loves me. There's no buts, "maybe that's just not meant to be..." stop saying stuff like that Melody! "And this was a sign telling me I was being stupid thinking I can have a happy ending." No I'm your happy ending, "I mean you're Niall Horan! I can't possibly be the one you want to be with," but you are! "And this was just a cruel way of the fates to-," I put my fingers to her lips. She needs to learn to shut up.

"Look who's rambling now," and I kissed her softly. She gasped against my lips but slowly kissed me back. I ran my fingers through her long hair pushing all my love for that girl into one kiss, but to my dismay and probably hers too she slowly pulled away.

"We can't," she whispered refusing to meet my eyes.

"And why's that," I whispered lifting her chin with my fingers.

"I'm married," she sighed. I laughed softly, and she looked at me confused.

"The marriage isn't official till you turn the documents into the state. Besides even if it was official you're getting a divorce."

"It's still not right," she sighed. I smiled stroking her cheek with my thumb.

"I understand."

She looked me in the eyes and I could tell she was churning the wheels inside her head, "oh fuck it," she whispered and wrapped her arms around my neck pushing me against the bar kissing me. I laughed softly against her lips kissing her back. She ran her tongue across my bottom lip and I accepted it gazing my tongue over hers. I pulled away kissing her neck. A small moan escaped her mouth and I realized I'd found a sweet spot. I started sucking, biting, running my tongue over it. She moaned loudly her hands fisting through my blond locks. 

Sadly we were interrupted when my phone burst out loudly. I pulled away in shock and we both stared at each other for a few moments before she whispered softly, "you going to answer that?" I was snapped back to reality and grabbed my ringing phone from my pocket.

"Niall it's Harry. No you two need to get up here quickly. Bring Daisy," and with that he hung up.

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