Waking up in Vegas

The boy next to me stirred. Moaning as he rubbed his eyes. He then turned to face me, and his blue eyes burst open in surprise, but his weren't the only ones. I just woke up to Niall James Horan of One Direction. What?


13. Oh my god

*Harry: Present*


I still felt so stupid. I pissed off my best mate and hurt a sweet girl. I ran my fingers through my tousled curls cursing to myself. No one in the room would speak to me. Louis and Liam were whispering to each other glaring at me every once and a while. Zayn was sat there playing on his phone smiling, how the hell is he smiling at a time like this? And Daisy was nowhere in sight. After Melody left she looked to me anger flaming in her eyes then stormed out. I tried to get up and go after her but Liam had put his hand my shoulder pushing me back down shaking his head. I had sighed but I understood that going after her would only make it worse.

I felt so stupid, I should have listened to Eleanor, 'Harry don't mess with love it's a beautiful thing.' Why do girls always have to be right about this kind of stuff? It's so annoying. I shook my head and cleared my throat showing that I wanted to speak. Everyone looked up at me except Zayn who was still glued to that damn iPhone. I cleared my throat louder and he finally looked up. I nodded and started to speak. "I know I made a mistake. I know I was stupid. And I know you all hate me but I need your help to make things right," I said meeting all their eyes to show them I was serious. 

"Mate we'd never hate you," Louis sighed, "and of course we're going to help. Normally I'd say its your mess you clean it up... But two sweet people are hurting in the process and we can't have that." Liam nodded his head along with Louis while Zayn looked back down at his phone typing furiously not giving a crap to our conversation. I was starting to get really annoyed. I needed his help and he was just ignoring us.

"Have anything you'd like to share with the class Zayn?" I asked annoyed. His head shot up and he quickly mumbled,

"N-no... Just Perrie." We are stared at him unconvinced and he cleared his throat uncomfortably. Our eyes boar into him, as he shifted trying not to meet any of our gaze. My eyes dared him to look down at his phone... And when he did I jumped up and snatched it from him. I of course knew his password and unlocked it reading the messages on the screen while Louis and Liam held back a flailing Zayn.

My eyes shifted back and forth over the page and they burst open in surprise. I looked to Zayn my mouth wide open the only words escaping my mouth being, "Oh my god."

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