Waking up in Vegas

The boy next to me stirred. Moaning as he rubbed his eyes. He then turned to face me, and his blue eyes burst open in surprise, but his weren't the only ones. I just woke up to Niall James Horan of One Direction. What?


7. Hurt

*Melody: Present*


"Harry... I.... I can't believe this," I stuttered. "You.... you think I'm a whore?" Niall may be my favorite in One Direction, but I've always loved Harry. I've defended him countless times against haters, I've tweeted him saying I love him probably a million times, and I always thought he was a sweetheart. But now I'm just hurt, and insulted, and I can already feel the tears pressing against my eyes. I turned to Niall and his lips were pressed in a thin line, and his hands were tightened into fists. He looked like he wanted to punch Harry in the face. "Niall no," I whispered in his ear. He instantly relaxed, but still glared at Harry with immense hatred.

"No... Well I did at first, but I'm not finished.... There's still a lot more to the story," Harry sighed.

"I don't know if I even want to hear the rest," I lied. In all honesty even if he's insulting me I'm hanging on his every last word, cause he knows. He knows what happened.

"Mel, please we need to know," Niall sighed. I looked into his pleading blue eyes. Ugh why is he so gorgeous?

"K fine, but before we go on.... Really Daisy?" I laughed turning to her.

"WHAT? WHERE?" she asked snapping out of her Harry Styles filled day dream. I rolled my eyes.

"You ditched me for a quickie with a ginger?" I asked with mock pain.

"Hey look where it got us. Maybe I should hook up with gingers more often... Hey you guys are friends with Ed Sheeran right?"

"I thought you liked me love?" Harry asked copying my mock hurt pouting slightly.

"Well you are devilishly hot.... But you called my best friend a whore...... And I....." she gulped trying to force the words out, "I.... I won't put up with that."

"Dai don't stop liking him on my account," I sighed.

"Okay great! You were saying Hazzabear," she giggled fluttering her eyelashes. God is she pathetic, but Harry is oddly into in to it. But why wouldn't her be? As I said before Daisy is gorgeous.


*Niall: Present*


I about killed Harry then and there. How dare he call my Melody a whore?! Wait... Did I just say 'my' Melody? She isn't mine.... Actually according to the law she is.... But according to how she feels.... Does she want to be mine? I know she said she loves me, but she fell in love with my public image, how do I know if she loves me? The real me. Not Niall Horan from One Direction, but Niall Horan from Mullingar Ireland. Not the Irish heartthrob of the world, but the Irish loser of the room.

Suddenly Harry's phone started blasting Heartbreak Girl on of the songs by the Emos. I'm guessing Asthon changed it as a prank. I like the Emos, er I mean 5SOS, we just don't hang out much on tour, we stick to ourselves.

"Hello?" Harry asked into the phone. Another voice could be heard through he phone. "Louis says hi," Harry mouthed to us before getting up, and walking out of the room. We were sitting at the lounge in the lobby. It was just Melody, Daisy, Harry, and me. The other lads were probably wondering where we were. I wonder if the other lads know about Mel and I, or if it's just Harry.

My mind keeps wondering to what Melody said about getting a divorcee. Does she seriously think we're getting one? I mean are we? I've only known her, (of what I can remember), for a few hours. Yet, I could see myself with her. But forever? Forever is a long time. I looked over to Melody, who was sitting on my left. The poor thing looked deep into thought, I reached over and grabbed her hand squeezing it slightly. Her eyes burst open in surprise, and she smiled up at me under her long eyelashes.

She really is beautiful, and so sweet. I have noticed she is quick to a temper though, but I can understand why. She woke up to a load of stress being dropped on her lap, and in all fairness I got pretty grumpy too. I really like her... Is she wife material though?


*Melody: Present*


Harry went to go take a phone call from Louis. I can't help but feel a little star struck. Here I am, ME, with Niall Horan and Harry Styles who has Louis Tomlinson on the phone!! Not to mention I'm MARRIED to the one and only Niall Horan. I'm half expecting to wake up, and it'll all be a dream. Suddenly Niall grasped my hand, causing me to jump a bit, but I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back at me lazily. He's just so cute, and such a sweetheart! I was so right to chose him as my favorite back when I first came across One Direction. I was so right.

I'm still really upset about what Harry's been telling us. I mean, what did he do? It couldn't have been that bad..... Could it?


*Harry: Present*


I was just explaining the story to Melody and Niall when my phone went off. And of course it was HIM. I'm not ready to tell Melody and Niall about him yet, so I could them it was Louis. They'll find out sooner or later, but I'd prefer later to sooner. Once I was out of earshot I whispered into the phone, "what the hell do you want?"

"Did you tell the lovebirds yet?" his annoying voice said through the phone.

"I'm..... Getting to it," I whispered looking around anxiously.

"Well get to it! I can't wait to see the look on Horans face when he finds out."

"I really hate you for this," I growled.

"You're the one that agreed to it. It's on your conscious buddy not mine. Well I got to go Styles. I have band practice, have fun." he said before hanging up. God do I hate him. Why did I ever agree to this?



****Authors note****

Hey guys! Thank you so much for the likes, comments, and favorites! It means the world to me to log in and see all this support! I'm sorry I can't update very often cause I can only do so at my grandmas, cause I'm without a laptop. But I'm alwayyyyys writing! So who do you guys think the secret mastermind is??? And what do you think Hazza did that was so bad? Do you guys like Melody and Niall? Nelody? Miall? Uhh I don't know you guys think of a ship name! El oh El. Love you all <3 And don't worry I won't make a habit of doing authors notes!

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