Waking up in Vegas

The boy next to me stirred. Moaning as he rubbed his eyes. He then turned to face me, and his blue eyes burst open in surprise, but his weren't the only ones. I just woke up to Niall James Horan of One Direction. What?


12. Fate and future

*Melody: Present*


As soon as Harry finished talking the room exploded with everyone yelling at once. No one could really keep track of what they were saying they were just letting their anger out. Then all of a sudden a voice exploded... A voice I didn't even recognize, but when I looked over I saw the voice was coming out of my sweet innocent Niall. I stared in shock as he screamed, just like everyone else did. I felt tears slip down my cheek as he stormed out of the room and slammed the door. The whole room was silent, the only doing being my very rapid intake of breath as I sobbed. 

How could I be married to Max? I didn't get it. Why would Harry do this to me?! And all because of a stupid deal him and Niall had made. I just kept sobbing, head in my hands. I needed to find Niall. See if he's okay. Hold him like he held me, but my body refused to move it was like I was cemented to the couch and I had no hope to ever get up. Liam put his hand on my knee looking at me with soft caring eyes and I slowly nodded understanding the message he was conveying with his eyes, go after him. 

I stood slowly smoothing out my wrinkled shirt and held my head high, lips quivering as I made my way towards the door. I refused to look in Harry's direction... I couldn't bring myself to. My hands reached out for the doorknob shaking and I slowly turned it forcing myself to step through the door. Everyone stayed silent watching me as I closed the door behind me.

I made my way down the hall to Niall's bedroom thinking he might be in there. I knocked on the food a few times but got no answer. One of the security guards in charge of the floor looked to me and mouthed the word 'bar' and I mentally facepalmed myself. I was supposed to be a fangirl and I couldn't realize that Niall drinks when he's upset... Or lonely... Or bored. I mean he's an Irishmen come on.... But so much had changed in these last few hours... Can I even be considered a fangirl? I shook my head. There I go trying to focus on the minor details so I don't have to face problems. I thanked the guard and headed for the elevator... I hope I'll be able to get back up here if Niall refuses to come with. Ugh there I go again. 

I forced myself to think about Niall and Harry and ugh Max. I shivered just thinking about him... Gross. I mean if I HAVE to be married to someone from the wanted can't it be Nathan? Ugh life. But no I don't even want Nathan! Fucking hell Melody you want Niall! God Niall the poor thing must be a mess right now. He's so emotional. I stepped inside the elevator and pushed the button and rode in silence. There wasn't even any elevator music to calm my nerves. The elevator dinged the doors opening and I made my way to the bar. 

When I walked through the door I scanned the room looking for that unmissable Irish boy, when I noticed him his head pressed against the bar. I walked up to him slowly building the courage to speak. "Hey aren't you that Niall Horan guy?" I asked in a fake voice. Niall didn't respond obviously to stressed to raise his head. I sighed pressing forward. "You know from that boy band One Direction," silence. "Front man Harry Styles." Niall's head shot up and his nails digging into the bar. 

"Never say that name to-," he turned around noticing me, "Melody?" His blue eyes that were slightly red from crying shot open in shock. I giggled softly. 

"I didn't know how else to get your attention... I'm not good with this sort of thing," I looked down awkwardly. He just stared at me in shock and I slowly raised my eyes to look at that pale Irish boy in front of me. His eyes were red and swollen it was like looking in a mirror. We both wore the same depressed face. There was a long silence and he slowly opened his arms and I ran into them. He held me tightly neither of us having the tears left to cry. 

"I'm so sorry," he whispered kissing my hair. I shook my head quickly.

"It's not your fault Ni." I then said something I still can't believe to this day, "maybe it was fate?" I cringed as soon as the words left my mouth and I slowly pulled away to see his reaction. His reaction was a look of disbelief and a bit of pain hidden in between. 

"You think marrying Max was fate? That he's your future?!" He asked his voice raising a bit. 

"No," I looked down whispering, "I think you're my future." His eyes shot open in surprise. "But maybe that's just not meant to be... And this was a sign telling me I was being stupid thinking I can have a happy ending. I mean you're Niall Horan! I can't possibly be the one you want to be with and this is just a cruel way of the fates to-," he put his finger to my lips.

"Look who's rambling now," he whispered before leaning in and kissing me softly.  

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