Waking up in Vegas

The boy next to me stirred. Moaning as he rubbed his eyes. He then turned to face me, and his blue eyes burst open in surprise, but his weren't the only ones. I just woke up to Niall James Horan of One Direction. What?


2. And who are you?

"Wh-who are you?" Niall gasped quickly covering himself with the blanket. His hair was falling perfectly into his bright blue eyes. I stared at him in utter shock while he awaited an answer. "Who are you? And what are you doing in my bed?" Niall asked again, this time his voice less shaky and more stern.

"I... I'm Melody... And I um I think it's pretty obvious why I'm in your bed," I blushed deeply motioning down at his naked body while making sure to keep my eyes up. Niall looked at the hand I was using to motion with and gasped.

"YOU'RE MARRIED?! Oh great! The paps are going to have a hay day with this!" He sighed throwing his head back on his ruffled pillow.

"More then you might think...." I whispered softly.

"What?! Why?!" Niall asked his eyes bursting wide open.

"Check your finger," I sighed looking down at his silver wedding ring. He followed my gave and cursed under his breath.


"I'm so sorry," I cried wiping the tears from my eyes with the knuckle of my thumb.

"No, no don't cry it's not your fault... Well no more then it is mine. We'll figure this out okay?" he pressed his hands to his head, "damn I have the worst hangover."

"Yeah... I guess we were pretty drunk last night..." I blushed.

"I guess so... Hey I guess I never told you my name.... You should probably know your husbands name."

"I already do," I blushed, "You're Niall Horan from the boy band One Direction. You're from Mullingar Ireland, you're nineteen years old, and you love beer which kind of explains this." I said motioning at his wedding ring.

"I'm guessing you're a fan?" he questioned trying to focus on the less important stuff. Maybe he was hoping if he didn't talk about it, it wasn't there.

"Yeah... I'm actually here for your concert... I'm from Oregon and flew out here to see you guys."

"I guess you saw more then you paid for huh?" he asked referring to what we both know I saw last night.

"Yeah... But I'm not complaining. Although I can't quite remember what your body looked like I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it." I giggled playfully.

"And I'm positive I enjoyed it too," he winked cheekily. I blushed a deep shade of red as I realized we were both very naked, and sharing a bed.

"Um I should probably get dressed," I sighed. "Close your eyes?" I asked hopefully.

"Babe I'm your husband now," he joked.

"Please?" I asked pulling the blanket higher up my body.

"Of course, I was kidding." Niall smirked covering his eyes with his hands.

"And no peeking!"

"I wouldn't dream of it," he smiled cheekily. I rolled my eyes searching for my clothes on the floor. Reality was slowly starting to sink it. I'm married to Niall. Bra. I'm married to Niall Horan. Pants. I'm married to Niall James Horan. Underwear. I'm married to Niall James fucking Horan. And shirt. Damn when did my life turn into a fan fiction. I sighed not sure what to think of all of this.

"Look, I'm going to go in the bathroom and get dressed. When I come out you should probably be dressed too. Then we can talk and try to figure this out." I said entering into the hotel bathroom. I thought about taking a shower, but quickly changed my mind. I threw my clothes on, and ran my fingers through my strawberry blonde hair. I looked into the mirror, my blue eyes staring back at me ridden wit guilt.

I placed my hand on the handle of the bathroom door ready to turn it, "you decent out there?" I asked quickly.

"Yeah come on out!" Niall called back. I slowly slid out the door. Niall was laying on the bed facing the ceiling, but when he heard the door open he turned toward me and stared as I walked along the bed to the other side. His eyes followed me like a hawk.

I sat down on the bed with my legs tucked in, facing him. "I thought you said you were decent?" I asked looking away from his shirtless body.

"Seriously babe you saw me naked last night, I'm pretty sure you can see me shirtless."

"Niall I'd really appreciate if it you'd put a shirt on..." I whispered looking down.

"Ok fine," Niall slipped out of the bed. His back was too me and god damn is he sexy. His muscles flexed as he reached for his shirt that was on the ground in front of him. I stared in awe as he slipped it over his head. He turned around a lot faster then I expected though and caught me in the act.

"Are you sure you want this shirt on love?" he winked cheekily.

"Oh shut up," I growled blushing. Niall chuckled softly.

"You're so cute when you're embarrassed," he smiled. I looked down. I couldn't bare look at his face. At his perfect features, for the longest time I'd wised I'd be Mrs. Horan. Hell I have a shirt that says 'Future Mrs. Horan' I just never thought it'd actually happen. Nevertheless like... This.

I always dreamed that we'd meet in a café in France. That we'd fall in love at first sight, and fall harder and harder as we got to know each other better before he proposed on are second anniversary. It'd be the perfect proposal too. We'd be on a row boat in the middle of a deserted lake. He'd be singing to me while playing the guitar. It was supposed to be perfect.

Not... Not this. Waking up sweating and sticky and gross married to him from a drunken night at the pub in Vegas! No wonder they call it the city of sin! Because Niall and I have just seriously sinned! They also say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, which I guess would work for most people, but I just woke up married to Niall Horan! There's no way that's staying in Vegas! It's probably soaring throughout the world, while I'm here... In Niall's bed.

Speaking of Niall, he's staring at me expectantly. "What?" he asked.

"Huh?" I questioned confused finally slipping out of my daydream.

"You were staring at me... Don't get me wrong I'm used to girls staring at me and all... Wow that sounded conceited... Please believe me when I say I'm not conceited! I just... I... I'm..."

"Rambling?" I interrupted.

"Yeah you could say that," he laughed.

"Well don't worry I'm nervous too. I just woke up married to Niall Horan that's a lot to take in." I sighed.

"Directioners are going to go crazy," Niall joked.

"Directioners? Oh fuck! I didn't even think of how the fandom is gonna react! Holy shit they're going to hate me!!! I married their idol! They hate Eleanor, Perrie and Dani just for dating One Direction! Imagine it ME married to the second most popular boy in One Direction! I won't survive! They'll rip me to shreds! They'll murder me!!!" I cried into the pillow kicking my feet against the bed.

"EY! What do you mean second most popular?!" Niall asked accusingly.

"Oh shut up Horan you know Harry is more popular!" I yelled. The pressure is really starting to get to me and I can't take it.

"If Harry's so perfect why don't you marry him!" Niall yelled.

"Because I'm already married to you, you dumb ass!" I yelled. I started crying extremely hard into the pillow. Niall calmed down and ran his fingers through my hair soothingly.

"Ssh ssh it's okay," he whispered running his fingers down my hair, we'll figure this out. I'm sorry for getting so mad. It's just Harry always gets all the attention and oh just forget it... I'm just scared."

"I'm scared too," I sighed pulling my head up from the pillow. I couldn't see myself but I knew there was mascara lines running down my face.

"It's okay." Niall leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead. "We'll be okay. I won't let those girls hurt you love."

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