Aqua is a 15 year old, she is also a Mermaid. When her father sends her to go live a normal life on land, she tries to turn back into a full mermaid.
On her adventure she meets a couple people on the way, some nice some mean, and One that will stick to her side forever.


3. Sneak out

Later on that night Olive sent me text:

"Hey, Me and Lea are going to watch the boys swim team compete. You In?"

I thought about it for 5 quick seconds. I then replied. "Okay only for an hour.

If I stay longer then an hour I'm going to turn into a mermaid right on scene!

I snuck out at 8pm, running to the Town community centre where the pools are.

I saw Lea and Olive peaking threw the huge glass window. The guys were standing there waiting for there turn to race. One of the guys turned to our direction and Lea and Olive ducked. I stood there frozen staring at him.

His name was Chad captain of the Boys swim team. He has Brown Hair and blue eyes, and the most amazing smile ever. He laughed as he saw us and dived in the pool. I sat down next to Lea and smiled.


Whats wrong with you? Lea asked.

Nothin, I replied. sighing.

Shes got a case of the love bugs on Chad Dylan. Olive gushed.

How do you know, I said.

Please we saw you staring at him, Lea laughed.

Lea's right I have a huge crush on him. Who knew a human boy can be so cute?

When the clock struck 9pm, I ran like a maniac without saying bye or nothing. Lea and Olive looked confused.

I had to make it home in time for 9:30 or else!




When I got home, I snuck in threw my bedroom window. I brushed my teeth and got changed, then filled up the tub and hopped in. I didn't go to bed right away, I was on my phone reading Mermaid daily ( The Newspaper I always read when I was younger). I was scrolling threw the news till something caught my eye. "Mermaid scientist found a way to become a full mermaid" I clicked on the article and read it. " Lots of Mermaids fathers send them away, each year to live on "Dry Land" but little do those little mermaids know that there is a way back. If they are willing to give up there earth life for Water. The way to become a full mermaid again is to find the Neptune stone, the most precious stone in the whole world! It is located in Marianas Trench."

I couldn't believe what I read, there is a way! But was I willing to leave "Dry Land"?

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