Aqua is a 15 year old, she is also a Mermaid. When her father sends her to go live a normal life on land, she tries to turn back into a full mermaid.
On her adventure she meets a couple people on the way, some nice some mean, and One that will stick to her side forever.


2. It's time

The next day I had a "Swim Meet", we were training for the big race against our biggest rivals, the "Brampton Bears Swim Team". They won against us every year, but I trained long and hard for this race!

I got into my bathing-suit in the girls "Locker Room", and it was very quiet, none of my teammates said a word. I guess they were all nervous for what they did last night, they probably think Mrs Wrenin found out. Last night they snuck into the Boys Locker Room and stole all the guys clothes, so they can probably see them naked. Stupid much.

We all walked to the side of the pool where Miss Wrenin, was standing there smiling. All right girls we have a big race tomorrow, we need to train hard and long. All the girls looked relieved that she didn't say anything about what they did.

I got into the pool and put my goggles on.

"Hey Aqua love your new goggles where did you get them?" Asked Lea, (The top swimmer on the team).

"Oh these I got them from Sportcheck"

She smiled at me and I smiled back. We were going head to head to see which one of us would be the new team captain, since Becky quit this swim team for "Springfield Snakes".

The coach blew the whistle and I swam for my life. I always wanted to be a Swim Captain. When your the Captain you face the fastest swimmer on all teams, and the fastest swimmer is always the captain.

I was doing my Front Stroke, like there was no tomorrow, And when a swam from one end to the pool and back, I thought I did horrible but guess what! I'm the new Team Captain!

Lea congratulated me and said "I guess I'm not the fastest, way to go!"

I smiled, and I couldn't believe it.

The coach got us all out of the water.

"Listen up everyone, we have a new swimmer today joining us all the way from Australia, she was the Team Captain at her last Swim Team so treat her with respect." My Coach said.

I looked behind Mrs Wrenin and stood a tall girl with beautiful dark brown hair, and olive green eyes. She had a smiled on her face and she was wearing a bathing suit that said Go for the gold or go home.

"You all have 2 minutes to say hello to Olive." My coach shouted getting the next race ready.

I walked up to her and she smiled at me.


"Hello I'm Olive. She said very enthusiastic.

Hello I'm Aqua. I smiled back.

"Two Minutes is up, everyone gather around! My coach yelled.

" Next up we will be trying out our Back Strokes. It will not be a race, I will just be timing how fast you can swim. The Fastest time will compete against "Brampton Bears" best swimming, Lea your up first."

Lea got up and got in her starting position.

3....2...1.... Go. Coach Wrenin yelled.

She dived in the water doing an amazing Back Stroke. She was going so fast.

When she was done the Coach yelled out her time it was 20.5 seconds.

A new record, Mrs Wrenin smiled.

I was last to go. I was so nervous, that I was shaking. Or was I just cold?

When Coach Wrenin yelled go! I dived in swimming for my life just so I can get this over with.

When I got out of the water the coach yelled my time.

20.9 seconds!

I was the second fastest, I may not be the fastest for back stroke but I did my best!

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