You've got that one thing


1. meet Samantha

Hello!Im Samantha! 


hair color: long bright blonde with pink/purple tips


glasses:yes and contacts


eye color:bright green with white specks and a hint od blue


tan skin


athletics: softball, cheerleader,  lacrosse, and soccer/football


my bestfriend is katelyn!and im in 8th grade going in to 9th:) i love my life! i use fo live in california,but myy mom got a job transfer to london.


i have two siblings, an older sister and a younger sister.


my favorite color is lime green,and hot pink,so basicalky anytging neon.!


~Hope you guys enjoy!!:D~

a/n~ Sorry about my first fanfic!it was boring to people i bet, so im starting fresh,and doing this one! coment if i use keep going!:)

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