Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


13. Werewolves And Lord Fire

They met the others back near a forest. They walked through and out the end of it, and at the end was a large cliff with a few amount of trees not enough to be part of the forest."Its a dead end. There's no way across." Said Simon, walking through tall grass and stepping flowers.

"Look, its fire." Said Rick.

"The trees are burning!" Warned Richard.

The trees came down at their feet and Werewolves searched the place sniffing the ground and sat straight when a whistle was heard. Lord Fire walked in behind them on a much nigger and larger wolf.

"Now i got." He says.

"Why do you want us." Screamed Leo over the howl of the wolves.

"You are going to ruin everything, like stop me from taking this island the biggest of them all. Now you'll pay for telling half the Gods that there are about our plan and they won't stay hidden they our looking for me and Skeletons." Lord Fire breathed heavily.

His wolf ran up to Leo as the other wolves covered him up by making a line in front of him.

"Leo!" Harold shouted.

Leo turned around and saw everyone else climbing trees and the brothers hiding behind a rock. Gwen and Villard both holding their wands.

"Cruken." Said Villard who was firing red shots of light at the wolves. They didn't like it as they lent back. "Cruken." Villard was still casting at the same wolves to knock them out. Lord Fire stood at the bottom of the tree that Leo was on. Harold jumped down and took out his sword noticing Lord Fire already has his two out. Harold swung it up high as Lord Fire pushed his swords down onto it and pushed making Harold loose back onto his back. Lord Fire slashed his sword down onto Harold and it was blocked by Leo's sword.

"Get off him." Said Leo.

He hit low as the swords connected and Lord Fire lost balance when he was pushed back, Leo hit up cutting the side of Lord Fire's face.

"Expolis." Shouted Gwen who was aiming at Lord Fire's face. His head spinned and he became dizzy whilst falling back. Leo walked over to him, Lord Fire sat up and breathed fire from his mouth. Leo blocked it with his Sword as it reflected around it, Lord Fire clenched his fist tightly. 

"I will not loose to you. All that attacking, how do you block every time." He screamed.

"You never practice fighting do you." Said Leo.

He swung his sword and cut one side of Lord Fire's mouth, that was dripping a bit of blood on Lord Fire's shorts. Lord Fires hair began to lit itself on fire. He grabbed Leo and threw him at the cliff. Leo got up quickly and tried hitting Lord Fires face again, but Lord Fire ducked and afterwards he got up and pushed Leo off the cliff.

"Ahh." Screamed Leo. Leo's voice faded.

Eagles flew in with men on them dressed in white pirate hats and white trousers with a shirt and a blue jacket that had a eagle on them, the wore blue sparkly shoes that had laces on. One Eagle flew down and caught Leo, it was the one who was wearing a silver pirate hat.

"You must be the leader." Said Leo.

"Indeed, is Harold with you." Said the man in a posh voice.

He flew his Eagle up to the others as hundreds maybe thousands of Eagles hovered with three men on each one were behind him. Lord Fire pulled back and took off.

"Mr John, wow your leader now." Said Harold.

"Yes indeed. I'll tell you more about anything later, now let us take you home." Replied Mr John.

They flew off not far as castle started to appear that was surrounded by a lake which is the moat. There was a plan field in front of it behind the farms. They were landing...

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