Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


6. Varlor Village

Leo was walking along a path that leads over the hills of Varlor Village. "Not far now", he said. Gwen was head with him searching through her bag, looking for a map. She was sure she had came to Varlor Village before and got a map from it aswell. She pulled out a small wet piece of paper and flicked it, the water came off and made black little holes in the paper. It was the map and it was wet. A little building was rubbed off the map and looked suspicious, Gwen could only make out a little building behind the others. She folded the map back up and put it in her jumper where there was a zip for a secret pocket that you couldn't see. "I wonder is we could go to The Red Horse Inn. It's a pub but it has rooms we could stay in and has secrets about it and about being haunted", said Gwen happily. Leo smiled and thought it sounded great.

"I guess we could look at that while were here", said Leo. Simon laughed and Leo and Gwen both turned around. "Whats so funny".

"Its that you actually believe its haunted", laughed Simon even louder. Gwen stood hard on his toe and he screamed in pain whilst Gwen strode off ahead. Leo walked back to Simon.

"Why are you always like this", said Leo. He tapped Simon on the shoulder and waited. "Hey Simon, listen to me", shouted Leo.

"What, i didn't mean to upset her. I just know it was a joke at our old Kingdom, we used to visit here alot don't you remember that".

"No, i don't Simon, hey look were here", said Leo. They ran up and entered under a carved out sign that said Welcome To Varlor Village, Leo saw Gwen walking down an alley way that looks like it leads to nowhere. He ran after her to catch up and see what she was doing, Simon was right behind him. Leo was lost at the end of the dark creepy alley way, and then was pulled out of nowhere. "Get off me", he alarmed. He turned and saw Gwen staring at a building that read in red writing The Red Horse Inn.

"Lets go, I'll introduce you to people", said Gwen calmly. The door creaked open and they entered, there was a second man at the other door swinging around and singing. Simon was scared and stood back, eventually the man stopped and opened the door, he walked over to the bar.

"Another please", he said drunkenly. The man serving him was not having a happy day until he looked over at Gwen. He ran over knocking people out the way and smiled.

"Hey Gwen i thought you would visit sooner or later", he said. Gwen smiled and pulled Leo and Simon out in front of her.

"I've never seen her so happy before", whispered Simon.

"That's because you are never nice around us. I wonder who he is", replied Leo. They went back listening to Gwen going on about what she has been doing at camp.

"Oh yea this is Leo and Simon. Guys this is my uncle Paul", smiled Gwen. They shook hands and when Leo did he looked up at Paul's head seeing a scar that was almost a finger. He realized it was from a Skeleton the way the finger was bubbly, it was the bones of a Skeleton finger. Paul walked out from behind the table that was between them and stared down at Leo who was staring up at him. Paul knew what he was looking at and covered it up with his black silky hair that drew down to his ears covering them up. Leo looked down and saw Paul only had one hand, the other was iron or silver material. It was his left hand that was metal. Leo looked confused the more he looked at Paul. That made Paul leave and back to the bar.

"Your rooms are upstairs the first to the right", said Paul. Gwen went upstairs and took a bag off Simon helping him get up quicker to the floor. Leo was following slowly behind whilst thinking about what he had seen. A old man came out of nowhere and grabbed Leo tightly.

"So your the famous Leo", he said angrily. Another man came over and pulled Leo away from the old one.

"He can be annoying, get away while you can", said the other man. Leo was right at the stairs when the old man pulled him back and to the floor, pointing at him.

"Your fault we live like this Leo, your famous for destroying the strongest Kingdom that there was, and the ONLY KINGDOM. Now your on every wanted poster that there will be", he said grumpy. He pulled his sleeve up and a hook and was now holding it against his neck. The door burst open and Harold came in holding a sword tightly, running at the old man, he swinged the sword around and it stopped half way into the mans neck as he fell back and groaned his last words. "He will kill you all". Harold grabbed Leo and checked he was okay tapping, around him for injury's.  

"Villard was right, he said you were here and you were in danger. He used magic, we thought we lost you when you ran ahead. We thought you were kidnapped", said Harold quickly. Leo's face was a mess with the shock of death in front of him and people thinking it was all his fault about God Of Fire's attack.

"You can't do that in here, I'm afraid you will have to leave", said Paul. Gwen frowned and asked Paul if she could stay here. Simon stepped over the dead man's head and avoiding the blood that was dripping out all over the floor.

"Bye, I'll see you in the morning when you come and get me", said Gwen. She yawned and walked up dropping a bag down the stairs back to Simon, it was his bag with everything he owned indie.

"We can see my cousin", said Simon smiling. Harold agreed and had known Simon's cousins dad who was a Warrior and may still be. They left through the night and down the old bumpy road to the end house right at the end of the street, so far it was half on and  half off the map. They knew it would be warm so they took off and waited for morning to come. 





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