Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


3. Underwater City

A few days later gone by Leo was talking to his dad,Harold,and he explained what had happened without him. Leo was glad to have his dad back and a strong Wizard who was staying with them and good friends with Harold. Leo was sat in his tent reading a book about Dragons and every type of them. The last page was missing and only the name was on that page. The page wasn't ripped out or anything,it was plain they didn't write on it. Leo read the name a couple of times trying to remember it, he went to ask Gwen, about Dragons but couldn't find her. "Gwen, where are you". Leo said. Gwen was climbing down a tree smiling and looking at Leo.

"What is it. Is it Simon".

"no no, wait where is Simon". Leo looked around after saying those words. Gwen snatched the book out of Leo's hands and flicked through pages, until she got to the end of the book. She thought about it and said 

"Its never been seen, ever. The Black Tail Dragon, i heard its fury from my father who lived to tell the tail. I think they live near hot areas". Said Gwen. Gwen passed the book back to Leo and went off to the Wizard. Leo followed this time and heard everything they were saying from outside the tent. Gwen came back out and explained to Leo. "We got the pumpkins and now i just got a spell to breath under water, were going to bring the Water Horses back. Lets go". Gwen showed Leo the seed that breaths under water for one hour only for each seed.

"I can't". Said Leo. "I need to find something, special and alone". Gwen shrugged and then frowned. Simon came out of, behinds the tents all happy and smiling. "Maybe Simon will go". Simon stopped walking and froze, everyone paused until Simon asked

"Go where".

"To the Under Water city, were bringing the Water Horses back. Please". Gwen smiled and then Simon nodded a yes, they walked off and swallowed the orange seed as they jumped into the water and started swimming down slowly. Leo walked into the Jungle and grabbed his Sword with the helmet on top of it. Leo crept from tree to tree avoiding anything dangerous and moving. He saw the house of where the Wizard lived, and it was completely destroyed and didn't even look like a house. When Leo got to the end of the Jungle he looked back at the Giant Bear with its fur covered in leaves that stick to it. Leo went ahead and was stopped in his tracks by an orange furry Dragon with a furry tail that was black. It was the only thing that was black on it or not orange. The Dragon stood standing with its eye closed and the wind brushing against its fur. Leo was hiding behind a rock watching it enjoy being outside. Then it stopped moving and opened its eyes as it ran and jumped into the air with giant wings flapping around. Leo stood up and walked closer to the direction it went in. He wondered if it saw him or not. Leo now knew one thing, that it wasn't dangerous. Then people started talking and the voices became louder each time, Leo was about to know something else as well. He hid back behind the rock and then heard a man shout out at him.

"Hey you", it said in an un human voice as it rattled instead of echoed. Rattled like bones. Leo didn't know if he was spotted or anything else. But now was know time to find out. Leo legged it and ran after the Dragon, it turns out the men did spot him anyway. Leo was trapped in between some mountains which was filled with Geysers shooting out lava up and down inside. There was no where to run or sneak past, but the men were getting closer. Then they got so close that Leo felt one breath on his neck. He turned around and saw two Skeletons with Pirate Swords. One each. Leo took out his Sword as he walked slowly back. "That's right get away". The tallest one called who looked different to the other with more Armour. A loud roar let it self out and the Black Tail Dragon flew down and swooped Leo onto it's back and faced the Skeletons with it's fire breath shooting at them whilst burning plants and little stones and rocks. The tallest Skeleton got away whilst his friend was left burning on the ground and the bones melted away. The Skeleton came back with a bow and some arrows which were hidden behind a rock, they must have put them there and this is there hidden camp site. The Black Tail Dragon flew Leo back and landed behind their tents in a bush. Leo fed the Dragon and kept him there to look after and when ever their alone he trains with him.


After dodging jelly fish and electric eels Gwen and Simon saw hidden lights near a giant rock and swam around there. They only had twenty minutes left until they have to get out, but the lights got more brighter and Simon went close to one, he reached out and went to touch it but Gwen stopped him. It was fire on a wooden stick and had a spell around it. "Don't Simon i got a spell to make it float, Tanlt, pronounced strangely". The stick pulled its self out of the ground and the fire stayed on top of it, the light floated towards an old broken building as Gwen and Simon swam closer to it with the light. Inside was nothing but small baby Water Horses with two big ones sat next to them. Simon was happy to finally see a baby one, but they looked hurt and had no home, but been hiding down here the whole time since God Of Fire returned. Gwen took out a pumpkin waving her arms around swishing water around as she threw it at them. They all dived at the pumpkin and looked up at Gwen and Simon following them. They raised their heads out the water with only two minuets left and the Water Horses flew out the water and walked over it. Gwen and Simon were close to camp and swam the rest of the way back. With the Water Horses behind eating more pumpkins on the way.


Leo got up off the ground and looked forward staring at Simon trying to swim back to shore and Gwen swimming fine as usual. Simon got to shore and threw himself at the ground breathing loudly and water dripping from him. Gwen walked over to Leo and showed him the Water Horses. "Well, we did it". Gwen said. She turned around and saw Harold and the Wizard building what looked like a Library, it was made of stone and had a painted book on top. "where did you get the paint from".

"Long story, we been building this so we can learn magic and train. We also left Leo to build the Castle Walls and chop down some trees, that's where we are building a village, in the Jungle, first we need to make friends with God Of Land", said Harold the King. Gwen smiled and walked away over to Leo and helped him build the last wall next to the gateway. The walls were small but soon with more helpers it would be done.

"Wheres Edward". said Leo. He hadn't remembering that he saw Edward recently. 

"He is out getting more stone and stuff with the Warriors, two are cutting down a few trees and Edward getting stone from the Wizards house". Harold smiled and placed the last step onto the little stairs leading to the door of the Library. The Wizard came out and seemed happy to see his house not going to waste.

"My new house, i can live in my Library. I own the Library and look after it obviously. Hey if i need help would you like to help out one day Gwen". Said the Wizard happily going back into his house. Harold laughed and said.

"don't worry Gwen it will be long before we get people visiting the Library as they use to do". Leo just thought about the Black Tail Dragon. He checked and it wasn't there.

"Ahh, no". Leo screamed out loud. But before anyone said anything, Leo took his Sword and he snatched his dad's shield and took off into the Jungle hoping that the Skeletons weren't already at the Lava Mountain where he first saw him. 


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