Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


12. The White Horse

Daisy had ran off into a Cave System. "Uh where are we." Said Gwen. She was staring at poor people dressed in long plane robes, others were dressed in fully black Armour and pushing the other around.

"There slaves." Said Harold. "Stay away from these people, we have to cross pass. Don't get caught I'll meet you there."

Harold ran towards the caves and disappeared.

"Thermotin." Called Gwen. "What, there's a spell shield surrounding it. We have to go through."

"Its so the slaves can't get out, in case there magic,"Started Leo.

They took off towards one cave and looked inside. A man in Armour lent over them.

"What are you doing!"

"Ahhh." Simon screamed aloud then stepping on the mans foot. He ran into the cave so fast you couldn't see him. The man pulled out his sword. 

"Where did you get that Armour from, did you steal it." He asked.

There were slaves all dusty and holding pickaxes whilst leaning next to torches that were lit. Simon running past as they stare at him as if he was in deadly trouble. He heard Gwen and Leo in trouble and went to help.

"Guys I'm here." 

He was at the end of the cave and they were gone. Simon Looked over at a tent and Gwen was hidding behind Leo who was holding a wand.

"It won't work Leo." Said Gwen.

"It might now were inside."

"If it did then everyone would be gone." Replied Gwen.

"Oh right."

Simon came running at Leo and ran into him. Leo still holding the wand managed to cast a spell that shot bright yellow light at for a few seconds making the magic shield appear and then gone.

"How?" Said the man.

"Huh but i thought..." Says Gwen

"Yes you thought wrong." Said Leo. 

"It was luck, you must of casted a really powerful spell." Laughed Gwen. "So don't get used to it."

Leo ran with the others as Gwen and Simon dashed past him towards Harold and Daisy. He paused and turned around, everyone was escaping not a single person hurt, until that man that caught them had swinged his sword and slashed at an young boy around eight. The boy's hand was hanging with blood coming out every second and he was crying in pain all alone whilst the man walking towards him slowly.

"Oh no." Said Leo.

He ran at the man and pulled out his long sharp sword and hit the mans sword. They were both connected as it was about strength, the mans sword pushing down on Leo making him slip. Leo's eyes turning blue as if he was to change into that monster again, but it gave him the strength that no-one had ever seen before. The man was looked into the eye by Leo's blue ones and was pushed back. Leo had his chance, the man on the floor praying for help.

"No get away." He cried.

"What have you done." Growled Leo, his voice was changing into a deeper voice and more croaky with a roar trying to get out. Leo aimed his sword at the man and swinged it. Cutting off the man's head that rolled off along and stopped.

"Wheres the roar." Laughed Simon. Gwen looking at him not happy whilst walking towards Leo.

"Grrrrrrrrrrr!" Roared Leo.

"And there's the roar." Cried Simon with laughter. "That man deserved that."

"Leo." Whispered Gwen.

Leo looked up at her with eyes now large and vanes showing blue running down them, his teeth were sharp and a hairy white nose. Leo stared at Gwen and realized what he was,  he could hear Lord Fire shouting at him that he's alone and a monster. 

"I'm not alone." He whispered. Leo looked over at Simon and Harold. He soon remembered that he was the best Warrior there ever will be. 

"Come on." Said Gwen. She dragged him off the floor as he changed back to himself. They lay Leo on the back of Daisy and Gwen riding her.

"Thank you." Said a women. She ran off to catch her son who's hand was bandaged up.

"Our pleasure." Whispered Gwen to herself.

"Wow all that for a horse." Laughed Simon, still.

They strode off into the sunset waiting to her from Edward and the others.

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