Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


4. The Old Temple

Leo was running past the Warriors and none of them noticed him. He was at the Mountains, where they circled with lava shooting up in between and nowhere to stand safe, there was a main mountain called the Lava Mountain and Leo knew it was basically a volcano in a mountain. It was home to God Of Fire where he sometimes sleeps. Leo knew it would get dark soon and God Of Fire would be back soon to sleep. Leo jumped over mountain to mountain, luckily they were close to each other. Whilst he was hoping time would go slow, so he can get Black Tail Dragon back. He saw the Black Tail Dragon and looked left seeing an army of Skeletons walking its direction singing happily. Behind a loud man screamed and stopped them talking. It was a giant man the tallest Leo has ever seen and he has seen a lot of tall people before. The man had spiked up hair which was dark brown almost black, it basically a mud man with red eyes lids and black eyes. His body was stone but was brown not silver, closest colour it can be. With gaps like streams running down his body which had lava inside which is more dangerous than fire. He wore torn shorts which were dusty and looked years old, he was leaning on a mountain and half the height of it, aswell it was the tallest mountain other than the Lava Mountain. Leo knew he would get caught sooner or later and he tried riding the dragon getting it to fly away, the dragon was walking and wouldn't move a single muscle with Leo on its back. Come on i trained you to fly lots of times, Leo thought. After he thought that he gave up and tried moving the dragon, but before he got off it, the dragon jumped up and into the air whilst flying through the night sky. They managed to escape this time also with out being caught. The dragon landed behind the bush where it used to land and Leo got off noticing a shelter made of wood and straw roof next to them, Leo went to look inside and explore. "I was right". Gwen came out of nowhere and stared at Leo. "What are you hiding". She began to talk and Leo stopped her before she woke everyone up.

"Look its not dangerous or anything like that but let me explain". Leo swallowed loudly whilst wondering what Gwen would say about the Black Tail Dragon.

"Oh no Leo. What is that, wait is that -".

"Yes it's friendly and the mystery dragon. Gwen don't tell anyone i wouldn't get to look after it. And everyone would say it will attract Skeletons to follow it here". Leo started to smile trying to make Gwen do the same.

"ok fine it's not up to me remember, I'll help look after it". Gwen walked off and then paused. "Oh yeah i got Simon to build this by the way, i knew it was a creature you were hiding i could just tell by the way you acted". Gwen carried on leaving to bed and left Leo closing the wooden doors to the shelter which was now a dragon den. Leo walked back around to the tents and saw the camp fire was lit, Lord Edward was telling everyone a story and they were all enjoying it whilst eating chicken parts that the Warriors must have hunted. Leo went and joined them as he sat in the middle of Simon and Gwen, Gwen was yawning, and she started falling asleep and fell onto Leo. Simon got up and woke Gwen up and told her just to go to bed. After Simon and Gwen left Leo was starting to hear more about the story and it began to get louder the more he listened. He heard Edward saying about a hidden power that can only be used when you read the words on the secret scroll.

"Its true about the magic spell that's so powerful". Edward swallowed and carried on. But the Wizard came out telling about it himself.

"No its wrong, there's no magic or secret spell i would of known. I am a Wizard remember".

"Are you alright, your not telling us everything". Leo decided to argue.

"No im fine and there's nothing to tell anyway". The Wizard walked into the Library and slammed the door shut.

"well you lot heard him, i guess we hit the hay". Edward walked off into the big tent with the other two Warriors. Leo was alone after Simon left he came back but didn't sit down he just went to bed. Leo made sure he was alone and walked into the Library looking for the Wizard.

"Hello, are you asleep", said Leo.

"Go away, its late", the reply was the Wizard.

"You are hidding something. You don't want us to get that scroll for some reason".

"no, no its just i don't think it's real". The Wizard came down the stairs and was in a dark blue dressing gown, it was dusty and must have been from his old house. "ok Leo, keep this secret or else. I'm working for God Of Fire, well not for him he's making me".

"Do what"

"You know isn't it obvious Leo, he wants the magic spell to take over this only Island and own them all".

"Well i-i got to go now. Don't worry i won't tell".

"Wait take this". The Wizard took his wand out one of his pockets and and cast a spell, it made a round glass ball appear into Leo's hands and had little people inside that were see through like ghost. Leo nodded and took off back to his tent. He was searching for his backpack that he owned to put it in. Inside the tent Leo hid the backpack under some covers that were thrown in a corner. He went sleep and tried to make it look like he has been there along time and didn't just get in.


In the morning Leo still had the Glass Ball and was relived to see it. He had breakfast that the Wizard made up from his spells and he lay a table outside Leos tent. Leo was happy that the Wizard was learning new spells and help make a Kingdom in no time. Leo had more chicken and strawberries and more food. He ate the strawberries quickly and had most of them himself. After breakfast Leo decided to find the scroll. He asked the Wizard about where it could be and he was told The Old Temple, a magic calm place until enemies took over. "Can we go, i promise you'll be safe", Leo asked.

"well i guess and if we had it, it would be more safe and Skull Island aswell". The Wizard smiled and casted a spell over there campsite and made it invisible from outside and only they can past through. They left with food in Simon's backpack and Gwen holding the books and Armoured up with a few swords and daggers. Leo and the Wizard ready and prepared to go through the Jungle with everyone. Leo, The Wizard, Gwen, Simon and Harold left the camp with Edward and Warriors inside waiting and helping out. Leo was going through a bunch of trees tripping up on every single one falling lower each time trying to stop. He eventually fell and looked up to see a door way with circles on the door, when Leo got up he noticed Gwen and Simon right behind him.       

"According to this map, the entrance is right here". Gwen read out. The Wizard walked in front and stood next to the door for a few seconds and it opened sideways letting the Wizard walk in with everyone else. Once they all got in through the door there was a massive statue of a Mermaid holding what looked like the same glass ball that the Wizard gave Leo. The Wizard looked at Leo leaving everyone to look around the Temple.

"Well do you have it". He said

"Oh, yes right here. Is it the key". Leo passed it over and watched the Wizard lift the Glass Ball and placed it at the bottom of the statue as he put it into a hole the same size as the Glass Ball. It rolled in and once it was inside the statue, it closed up and the Mermaids eyes became green glowing as it let the next door open up for them. They walked through and it led them to a empty room with an archway in the middle and had a diamond placed in the middle at the top of it. Purple lights wavily went around it.

"A teleporter, i thought that Glass Ball was the only key". Said the Wizard. "It seems it could lead to the room we need. Yes lets go". They all traveled through the teleporter and appeared out another one inside a great big building that was the Temple, this is it The Old Temple. There were stairs leading up to one floor on each sides, as the door opened up there and Skeletons came out with a leader in front that Leo had seen before. Leo couldn't believe it and knew he had to do something. He pulled out his sword and swished it around as the Skeletons came closer. They were not able to rebuild their selves. Leo swinged his left fist and punched hard at a skeletons skull. He hit the sword into it and pushed it back making it drop its sword.

"Leave, i shall challenge you on the battle field to a death match be gone". God Of Fires voice spread so loud that The Old Temple started breaking and falling to pieces. Leo took quickly the scroll and jumped into the teleporter back home.         

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