Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


2. The House In The Mountains

Leo woke up after a night of thunder and heavy rain. He noticed at the end of his tent Simon was already awake and outside, Leo got changed and put on some robes with a bit of Armour whilst holding his helmet. He left the tent and saw Gwen sat near the sea, she kept looking up out the sea looking around every few seconds. Leo walked other to her and saw she was holding a book very tight. The book read Legends Of Water Horses. She was skimming through pages trying to look for something. "Hey whats wrong", Leo asked. "What you looking for". Gwen didn't answer and kept skimming through more pages, then out of nowhere she screamed.

"Pumpkin, that's it".

"What, pumpkin why do you need that".

"It's not for me it's for the Water Horses". Gwen stood up instantly and walked over to Lord Edward, she started talking to him and rushing aswell. Then she came back over to Leo and tapped him.

"Hey, what is going -".

"Come on".

"-on". Leo was pulled with Gwen into the Jungle and they followed the path. Eventually the path stopped and Leo gave up, he sat on a rock waiting to go. Gwen went ahead leaving no choice for Leo but to follow. Gwen went all the way through the Jungle ad ran the whole way. At the end of the Jungle you could only see tall high mountains going so high up they went through the clouds. Gwen started climbing up and stopped low at the bottom of a mountain. She picked up out of the ground a pumpkin that always grew on the side of mountains. Nowhere else you could find these. Gwen came back down and showed Leo the pumpkin.

"Oh so that's what they're for". Leo took them and placed them in his pockets. "pumpkin, a Water Horses favorite food". Leo walked back to camp with Gwen not knowing they were being watched. Up high on the mountain they were next to a group of Skeletons were watching down with bows on there backs. There were two Skeleton Soldiers with a sword each and one on a Skeleton Tiger with its teeth stuck into some bones. Amazingly the bones stick together by a spell and the Skeletons have magic witch makes them more stronger. The Skeleton on the Tiger sped down the mountain rushing towards them, then it got out his bow and started shooting arrows at Leo and Gwen. The first arrow hit a tree trunk inches away from Leo, but that made Leo turn around and spot the Skeletons. "Look Skeletons". Leo pulled out his sword with a dragon on the handle, it was silver and sharp bladed. It took Gwen a long time to find Leo already fighting behind her. Gwen just helped out right away. 

"Leo watch out". Gwen threw a dagger as Leo ducked and the dagger flew past him and into the Skeleton Tigers eye. It ran as fast as it could into the wrong direction long gone. Luckily the two other Skeletons ran away in another direction. Leo and Gwen soon realized why. A loud roar began behind them as Leo ran ahead Gwen struggled to get past, it was a giant Jungle Bear, with trunks sticking out of it aswell as leaves at the end of them. The Bears claws came out and scratched Gwen's right arm and left blood splatting out. Gwen covered it up before it became worse like her arm falling off or something. Leo came back with his sword and slashed it into the Bears left foot  toes, the Bear roared as loud as before and trees began to blow. It eyed Leo and picked him up and threw him at a tree. The Bear left hopping away and Leo fell out a tree he landed on the ground. Gwen ran after him and helped him up. Leo wasn't hurt as much he hit the smallest tree in the Jungle. It was strange they were right next to a old broken cottage with two small mountains around it.

"It is strange how only God Of Fire and some more are evil, but other tribes are taking this seriously. I mean they don't reconise  me do they, with all them attacking us. I don't understand they should be helping us". said Leo. He looked up at the house getting closer each time whilst leaning on Gwen.

"I understand Leo but they need to defend their selves. Who knows what the Skeletons will do next".

"I know".

"What do you mean. The tribes will loose each of their Kingdoms if they -".

"I'll find out, soon i will take them down one day". Leo butted in.

"- don't stop defending, Leo don't butt in". Gwen heard Leo mumbling the rest of the way. They reached the House and the roof was made out of straw with a brick chimney built in on the side. The chimney had smoke rising out of it, someone was is there or something. Gwen looked up at the chimney and tried to convince Leo not going in. Then Leo just let himself inside and wonder around looking for something. Leo crept up stairs creaking almost every wooden step he past on, Gwen was looking at old dusty books and reading covers out loud. One big book read Spells Of Living. Gwen realized it could make things come to life, she thought who ever it was in here must of have something to do with the Skeletons attack. Leo was at the top of the house looking around and noticed a dark shadow in the corner, he got closer and it looked more like a chair. He saw a figure sat in it asleep and they looked poor by the way they were dressed. Leo looked up and noticed it was a Wizard with his long white beard and holding a glass of milk in one hand and in the other a wand. Leo thought that they should leave before he wakes up. Leo turned around and tripped on a pair of glasses, Leo went flying and his dagger flew off his pocket and down the stairs. It was lucky, to give Gwen a warning that something was wrong or about to go wrong. The Wizard stopped snoring and opened his eyes slowly as he dropped the glass of milk on the floor and aimed his wand out.

"H-h-hello who's there". The Wizard looked terrified and watched the glass smash on the floor. After Gwen ran upstairs and lit two candles to help look for Leo. The room was very dark but when Gwen lit the candles it immediately brightened up. Gwen saw the Wizard and dropped Leo as she ran past him going to the Wizard."Who are you, please no don't take me or kill me. Don't take me there again, why would you". Said the Wizard as he stood up. Gwen saw the Wizard struggling to stand and helped him back down to his chair.

"It's alright, it's me Gwen remember me on Earth Challenge Day. Where we use Earth powers you helped me win in the last battle". Gwen smiled as the Wizard started talking about that day. Suddenly a window cracked and then smashed open with a branch helping its way inside and reached out for Leo. Leo blocked with his hands and strong powerful Air came out with a blast it hit the branch back out side. "Wow Leo, your Air. You have Air powers like I'm Earth. I wonder if your dad was aswell", Gwen said speechless. 

"I don't think my dad is, by now he must be all tribes",said Leo as he helped Gwen dragged the Wizard back to their camp. Leo saw the front door opened and knocked down then he saw a giant tree with branches bending around the house and pulling them back destroying the house. The branches had green vines all other each and everyone of them, Leo used his sword but before he could the Wizard already cast a spell and pointed straight at the roots of the tree.

"ETAI". The Wizard called aloud and all three of them disappeared. The spell faded as the left the Jungle and turned back to see the giant tree smashing the house.

"ETAI, what?", said Leo.

"Didn't you see what it did", laughed the Wizard.

"Uh No".

"Oh Leo it made us invisible, it's a invisibility charm. You wouldn't of known cause its not like we just traveled past the tree we walked past still but the tree didn't see us. Luckily we lived". said Gwen. A man appeared out of know where and stood there bleeding on his right arm and holding it with his left arm. 

"Dad, is that you", Leo ran up and saw his dad smile. Then all four of them walked back to camp talking.

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