Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


14. Old Friends

Leo woke up on a posh massive bed with red curtains and a red sheet. He rubbed his eyes and noticed he was wearing a red dressing gown with a lion on the side. He pressed his hand against the double door and pulled it open watching Rick and Richard running down the hallway with Simon running after them screaming.

Whats going on." Said Leo.

Rick fell back into a knight of Armour and crashed down with it falling down on him. Soldiers were heard coming down the hallway. Edward was on the other side walking down aswell, he ran up to Rick and pulled him up quickly.

"What in the world are you doing." He said. "Quick get up and go."

"Thanks Edward. C'ya." Laughed Rick.

Mr Johns walked past and saw everyone talking to each and not making eye contact, then he looked at Leo.

"Good your awake, now follow me." He said.

Simon ran to catch up with Leo. They walked past a Library with Gwen sat down with a bunch of books piled up next to her. Then in the next room Villard was testing a wand.

"Ahh Leo quick try it, i made it for you. Leo took the wand and looked up."Well give it a swish then." Leo flicked the wand and magic dust came out the end.

"Wow thanks." Said Leo.

"I guess it works then." Replied Villard.

Leo gave it another flick and a soldier walking past flew straight into the wall next to him as his hat floated by and landed. Leo put it away and carried on following Mr Johns who was at the end of the hallway. When they caught up Mr Johns tapped different places on the wall as it opened, down. There was a stair case leading up into a white door. Through the other side was an open room with targets on haystacks and hundreds of different swords all hooked up next to each other. 

"Wow this is massive." Said Leo.

"I know well get training then you'll need it to show the Elves how strong you are. If they find us weak they won't team up with us." Replied Mr Johns. "Oh and one more thing, we are called Sir or Lord in front of others." 

Leo noticed his sword was laying on the end of the stack. He hooked it off and saw how shiny it was since he left it before, now the blood was gone he was playing around with it like it was the most precious thing ever. He quickly got changed and set his daggers neatly on his belt. He threw them both with his eyes shut and opened them and both daggers were directly in the middle of the target.

"That was amazing." Said Gwen. She walked into the room.

She walked up to Leo and put her hand on his shoulder, and looked him in the eye. He looked back. Until the other doors flew open.

"And this is the boy Leo." Said Sir Johns as he shoved Gwen away from Leo. He took Leo's hand and dragged him towards Lord Elf.

"Let me look at you...oh wow you don't really look like a king do you, no." Said Lord Elf.

"Well he won't be king not yet. Until he is eighteen." Said Sir Johns.

He looked down at Leo who was terrified and wondering what was going on.

"Wait a second I'm going to be king...uh i don't really..."

"Of course you will enjoy it won't you Leo.." Said Sir Johns.

Leo broke free from Sir Johns grip and fell back into Gwen who took him away.

"Lets go down stairs and see if Harold still agrees." Lord Elf required.

Through the window Simon was looking with Rick and Richard was a massive rock that was lit and came flying at them. Simon ran the opposite way with his cousins. The rock had smashed the window and parts around it making Simon stand in the corner at the back, make the slightest movement and you could fall. They were on the top floor aswell so it would be really far down. There were seven floors of the castle, and they were on top, stairs were breaking and falling apart.

"How do we get down." Shouted Simon over the roars of the Skeletons outside.

Typhon flew through the window picking up Rick and Richard. Richard put his hand out to Simon but Typhon was too fast and flew away. "Where are you going."

The rest of the castle was coming down as floor seven was gone, Simon was falling as Typhon swooped under him and grabbed him by its mouth. Simon was hanging out of a dragons mouth by his shirt that was starting to rip. 

Down a few floors was Leo and Gwen on floor five were getting ready to jump.   

"OK we have to jump." Said Gwen. She held his hand and ran with him. They jumped out the window and teleported...     

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