Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


8. Deserted Dungeon

As Leo started wriggling again he was coughing smoke out of his mouth. He eventually began to awake, he gazed around the room wondering where he was."Your awake good, i only want to kill you when your awake." shouted God Of Fire. "Call me Fire Lord. You will wont you." Grabbing Leo by the legs tightly, he began to pull slowly. "Hurts doesn't it."

"Get off me." screamed Leo. He was in a dark old and cold dungeon of what looked like it was connected to a castle. Leo looked down at the potions on the gigantic tables. Maybe if i could knock them over, he kept thinking. It was hard but God Of Fire kept walking past him like a guard.

"Guard in here now." Roared God Of Fire. A small little Skeleton walked into the room with its helmet keep jiggering off its head. "Now watch this boy, i don't want to come back and see him gone."

"Hey you Skele comer here." The Skeleton walked over to Leo and Leo grabbed its helmet and threw it across the room, it landed on a table wit potions around and smashed one of them. It flung into the air and smashed inches away from Leo leaving a mark of purple next to him. Some splattered into his face at the time. "Yes, now lets see what this does." Leo turned big strong and white, he grew icicles sticking out the back of him. He had sharp long dangerous teeth and blue crystal eyes. The chain was pulled and he brang half the wall with him and stones that were hitting all the Skeletons who were standing around."Awesome." he roared.

Leo ran out the room looking for an exit, Skeletons were already signaled about him breaking out. Into the distance he saw a stairway leading up towards a door that was shaking, it blew down and Lord Fire stood their the same size as Leo. He had shrunk and cant work out why. His eyes more red then lava, nobody has ever seen him like this before.

"Take my potions and you flee." He jumped down the steps "Its not what people survive afterwords."

"Just get lost."

"Never." Lord Fire shot swords from his hands and they dug into the ceiling, pulling it down Lord Fire roared loudly and the fire on the torches all were unlit. The ceiling started coming down. "I've warned you, stay." The ceiling came down even more, Lord Fire walking closer to Leo whilst pulling it harder each time.


"Its over Leo."

"1, now."

Leo jumped up as the flooring of the top floor came down on the Skeletons and Lord Fire, he was hanging on a wall trying not to look down at the flooring that disappeared beneath him. He carried on climbing up towards the wall that was looked like it was becoming more bigger, Leo realized he was turning back to himself. Lord Fire beneath him climbing right at his feet and also changing back too. 

"Now im just a plain monster again."

"You already were Lord Fire, but now your worse."

They reached the wall and Leo fell as he rolled out on top of the wall, it was much wider and more easy to battle. Lord Fire right behind him with his two small carved swords in each of his hands. Leo pulled out his sword and looked up. Lord Fire threw his swords at Leo as he held the handles tightly and flung them high up, Leo dodged them both as they flew back to Lord Fire. Lord Fire punched the ground of the wall and it collapsed beneath them. 

They fell together as Leo looked up and in the distance he saw Gwen and Simon.             

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