Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


9. Castle Walls

They reached Lord Fire's Kingdom as it was surrounded by Skeletons, obviously something had happened as they were all searching for something. "We have a plan now don't mess it up, yes you two." said Harold whilst looking at Rick and Richard. He took out a map from his robes and placed it on the wall of the castle.

"We wouldn't do no such thing." Laughed Rick.

"Yea you should be watching Simon."

"Hey." say Simon.

"Right Rick, Richard your going alone to the towers, Villard your with me and Simon and Gwen you two take out the Guards near their dorms. Right then Edward you and your Warriors will go and get anything you can like food and weapons. Leave Leo to us." Harold and Villard walked off together and Villard used his magic that transported them inside the castle.Gwen and Simon sneaked into a back door that leads into the castle. Rick and Richard entered the main entrance. Edward and his army followed.

"Lets go this way." says Edward. They run along the corridor glancing at every room they go by.

"Well we better go this way." says Richard, when they turn they noticed Simon waving at them and an Troll standing right behind them. It breathed on their shoulders slimy snot dribbled down its spotty nose and splat onto the ground that alerted them. Rick had a bow and was very good with it, he showed his skills by firing at the Trolls head, the arrow slowly flew through the air and dug straight into its forehead."Nice shot."

"Quick its angry, RUN"!

"Hey look at this." shouted Gwen. Behind her was a wall that looked very much like a secret door. She threw herself at the door and fell instantly down.

"GWEN." screamed Simon as he slipped on the snot which caused him to fall afterwards. Rick and Richard tried going after but the Troll was awaken and more angry then ever. It smashed the ceiling and started punching it down on the brothers Rick and Richard. But above them Gwen and Simon shot out of a room, and kicked the door open when they banged into it. They were on floor one and below them the floor was breaking. The Troll was making it harder for them to survive. Gwen and Simon rushed with sweat pouring off their faces. "In here." Simon pointed at a door near the end of the corridor.

Richards sword has a sharp blade at the end of it, he used and slashed the Trolls arm as it collapsed at their feet. The blood flew like a river after them as they ran past it.

"Were never going to  get out alive." said Rick.

He ran upstairs looking around for Leo. Richard hit him out the way, firing arrows at a bunch of Skeletons heading their way. Rick swinged his sword around whilst kicking them back.

"Get off...we need to go."

"Come on Richard."


Harold ducking and dodging around the place, avoiding Lord Fires blades he slashed his neck leaving a mark of blood pouring around. "Ahh... you can not escape her alive..."

Villard grabbed Leo and Harold together and pulled his wand out.

"Get away."

The wand started shaking and blue sparks shot out like a blast of ice freezing the room. Rick and Richard came through the door at the last second. Villard pulling them as hard as he can and left. Gone vanished. The Kingdom was destroying itself bit by bit. Slowly Lord Fire smashed the wall and jumped straight into the lake that surrounded them.

Gwen and Simon were still leaving wondering where the others had fled off to.

"Look its Typhon." said Gwen


"Leo named his dragon it."

"He had a dragon. And its the really rare one, OK what else do you know."

Gwen pulled Simon up onto a log whilst rubbing smoke off her face.

"Well i also know that we're alone, and we have no idea where the others are...Simon where are you?"

Gwen looked around a noticed Simon gazing into the woods. He was feeling the ground trying to work out if they had gone this way before. Typhon awakened and flew straight passed Simon heading towards a mountain in the distance.


"Quick follow him." shouted Gwen.


Leo was still whistling the tune that calls Typhon. He looked up hoping he would hear it and that Gwen and Simon are near by. Typhon swooped don at Leo's feet. "Yes you here, now take me to Gwen and Simon." 

Leo forgot about everyone else, looking back at Edward wet as anything who managed to just escape Lord Fires Kingdom. Before Leo could say anything Typhon flew off like a jet and in no time he saw Gwen and Simon running towards a mountain that was nearby. Typhon glided and landed on ground with its claws into the ground.


"Gwen. Wait wheres Simon."

"Uh wheres Typhon going." asked Simon.

Typhon flew away from them. "Well we might aswell go this way then." said Simon.

They walked off into the distance towards the mountain and to climb behind it.     

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