Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


16. Afterwards

                                                                                                 Two Months Later

It had been along time since the appearance of the Dark Rider. Nobody had heard about them ever since. It is also Leo's birthday, he is now 15. "Hey Leo happy birthday. Are you still poisoned." Asked Simon.

"No...that was like months ago remember." 

"Hey look here comes Athena." Said Mark.

Athena walked over to Leo and passed him his sword.

"Whats this." He asked.

"Its your old sword but it has magic on it. I was busy making it last night for you." Said Athena.

"Well thanks...Hey you aren't dressed in dress today." 

"I know i hate it everyday. Thats why i would like to come on your next quest with you. This is what i would wear if so, its amazing isn't it." Smiled Athena.

"Yea, it looks like Gwen's but less belts and a purple, brown colour." Said Leo.

"Right...well see you later." She hugged Leo quickly. "Happy birthday." And walked off.

Leo walked up the stairs behind her with Simon. She got off at the sixth floor as Leo and Simon carried on going up.   

"Do you think that's where she sleeps. I wonder what she does in there." Said Simon.

Leo ignored him and was thinking about Athena instead. She always has to go some where in a hurry for these past months, whats she doing.

"LEO!" Screamed Simon.

"What? I was thinking about something."

Leo walked down the corridor with Simon and stopped at a door, he knocked but there was no answer.

"Try again." Said Simon.

Leo knocked once again and the door opened itself. "Wow creepy or what."

"Not really i am just behind the door you know." Laughed Gwen.

"What on earth were you doing!" Said Simon.

"None of your business. Any way did you get my present." Said Gwen.

"Uh what present." Asked Leo.

"The sword. You mean Athena didn't give it to you, I'll get her."

"Whoa wait i got it alright, but one thing"

"What." Said Gwen worriedly

"She said she made it for me." Said Leo.

"Oh my...that's it."

Gwen stormed out the room and luckily for her Athena was already here. She was smiling non-stop  today. Gwen took out her dagger and held it to her throat.

"Hey get off what are you doing. Leo help." Said Athena.

The dagger was getting closer and inches away. Leo pulled Gwen's arm back as the dagger flicked into his face making a little cut over his left eye.

"Leo." Said Athena. She grabbed him from falling and pulled him away from Gwen. Simon pulled Leo back.

"Why did you say you made that sword. You know i was working all night to make it powerful for Leo." Said Gwen.

"Alright. Its because i didn't have anything to give Leo and i really wanted him to like me."

"What, i thought we were already friends." Said Leo.

"I know its just i really wanted to go on a quest with you guys. And without your backup i would have to stay here." Replied Athena.

This is how the story ends with no over adventure to go on, for now anyway...



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