My Name is Scarlett. I was born in London,Uk,Europe. Im a quite normal teenage girl to be honest.Apart from that ive been on the run since I was 16. Away from all the problems in life when society excludes you. Well once you've ran and ran away and you find this mystry boy will you eventally stop running?


1. Runaway

Some Time In April 2013..

Scarletts POV

I sat in the streets of London, like I do everyday. My location is a bit uncertain I don't tend to keep tabs on when I am, it brings back to many memories and where I have been. I like a fresh start everyday and try to start a new and get rid of the bad memories that have fought off the bad ones. 


You might be wondering how long I have been on the streets for, well to be honest I don't even know. I cant remember the last time I slept in a actual bed instead of a bench or a cardboard box or the last time I actually spoke to a decent boy who wasn't addicted to alcohol,sex or drugs. I can't remember the last time someone gave me a hug or told me they loved me. It comes with the price of running away.I regret running away but then release were else would I be without it. Anyway it was probably for the better good.


I was walking down a street in the centre of London when I spotted them. The group of girls who were about the same age as me,maybe younger crowded around a shop. I think it was "1D WORLD" or something ridiculous like that. who names a shop 1D world anyway.Such a awkward name. I walked to the back of the shop were my make-shift house was and my house I mean a plastic box. a bottle of water and a backpack that contained one pair of clothes. 


I walked underneath the bridge and towards "my house" as i grabbed my bag and swung it over my shoulder and made my way back to the car park but at that moment the car park was overflowing like a jug of water being left under a tap for too long. All I could hear was the words "HARRY MY CUPCAKE!" or "LOUIS MARRY ME" or "NIALL IM IRISH" or "DJ MALIK YOU CAN DJ ME" or "LIAM BE MY PAYNE" I tried to get through the crowd when I was suddenly pushed into somewhere. I dont know where but the last thing I remember was my head being wacked on the floor and the distant sound of a door being closed.


Harry's POV

We've just finshed doign signing at our new " 1D WORLD" store in London. I have to admit that I really do like doing signing however the screaming fans do get to you sometime like when they faint or something. Like yeah I would be still working at the bakery in Holmes Chapel if it weren't for them but still.

Anyway were was I, I was going through a bunch of screaming fans and heading into car when she pushed in front of me and I ended up pushing her into the car and before I could say anything Paul had closed the door in behind us and we were on our way back to Louis for our weekly FIFA games. 

"WHO THE HELL IS THAT?!" Louis screamed and then I suddenly remembered the girl. I then took a deeper look at the girl. She had light brown hair that was all messy and looked like she hadn't slept in 2 years.She also looked like she had quite old clothes on and that she hadn't showered in days. However she also had the most perfect lips and her body was well AMAZING! She suddenly opened her eyes to relieve blue eyes like crystals.

And that I,Harold Edward Styles, believed in Love at first sight.

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