The nerd Harry Styles


9. Chapter 9

Alaisha's pov

"oh god harry are you okay?" I asked him walking into his room. He quickly wiped his tears of off his face when he saw me. "yes i'm fine" he said, but it sounded like he is trying to convince myself. "harry are you sure?" I asked once again. "yeah i'm fine" he answered. "okay if you need anything i'm here okay?" I asked him. He nodded and turned around, wow and I thought school was awkward. "well your mum asked me to tell you, dinner's ready" I told him and walked out. Have I freaked him out? or was it something else. I walked back to the dining room and sat down next to Anne. We ate dinner and talked, but it wasn't as cheerfull as last night which made me wonder where is Mr. Styles? So I asked them. "hi Anne where is Mr. Styles?" I asked and after I asked this question they both tensed up a bit, but didn't answer it she just kind of ignored the question and changed the subject. I don't know what to do, but i'm not going to question this. After dinner I thanked them and walked back home, my dad wasn't home yet so I knew I shouldn't wait for him so I just went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up praying my dad was home and didn't go to work yet, but as always my wishes don't come true because I got a note once again. :

Hi sweetie I am so sorry once again! I was needed at work early so I couldn't make breakfast for you and I've also talked to Anne, our next door neighbor that you go to her house for dinner every night. She's a little sensitive about the subject family so don't ask her anything! :)

"not even a love you anymore dad?" I whispered to myself. I sighed and grabbed a fruit again and drove to school. Once I walked in school, I had a whole bunch of people following me and complementing me, god if I wasn't a model, they wouldn't even speak to me. "thanks" I say every so often just to not seem rude. "hi beautiful" Dylan said appearing right in front of me if I walked a little faster I would've bumped into him. "hi Dylan" I fake smiled and felt Naomi glare at me. "so Alaish I was wondering if you'd like to go to dinner with me tonight!" he asked me, this is so freaking awkward, I just wanted to yell out NO and decline him. "um.. I can't i'm having dinner with my dads friend." I told him. "great i'll pick you up at what?" he asked surprised, I think it's the first time someone declined him.

After that the bell rung, I decided now and than I love the bell it saved me from a lot of stuff. I walked to my first class which was math once again. I walked in the class late wiith the other cheerleaders and I looked around for Harry and found him looking at me when I blushed god first time I ever blush. I smiled at him and walked to my seat. I hope he knows I like him cause if he don't it will be awkward what if he doesn't like me and thinks i'm a spoil brat?? I got to start talking to him about other stuff!.

~hope you guys like it, my fingers hurts from typing~!

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