The nerd Harry Styles


8. Chapter 8

Alaisha's pov

After school I drove to the interview which is probably in a fancy building. I arrived on time and guess what it is a fancy building. I walked to the receptionist and asked her where my interview is and she told me the room number which is 31B. I searched for the room and found it, I knocked on it and I heard someone say "come in". So I got in. "hi um.. I have an appointment with Mr. Zeldman?" I said but more as a question. "oh yes Alaisha Marie Brown" he said sticking his hand out for me to shake. I shook his hand and sat down. "so Alaisha when have you started modeling?" he asked. "uh.. since I was 3" I answered. He wrote something down and continued with the interview. After about thirty minutes he finished interviewing me. "well Alaisha you are very qualified for this modeling job except you have to lose some weight" he told me. WTF? "okay" I told him. "well when you lost some weight just call me and we will get started" he explained and I just nodded after that I left. I drove back home and it was already late so I looked what I can eat with in the kitchen, but all I can find was fruit and cereal, I guess i'm eating that for dinner today.

Than there was a knock on the door again.. I opened the door and it revealed Anne. "hi Anne what a pleasant surprise come in" I invited her in. "oh actually no I was about to invite you for dinner" she told me, again? I seriously did not make such a good impression and I want to see Harry again without cheerleaders following every move I make, but than I'd seem to forward. "no Anne I can't I don't want to sell you out." I told her. "nono you could never sell me out and it's just me and Harry eating tonight so we could use some company" she told me. "are you sure?" I asked her once again. "positive" she answered and I smiled. I guess i'm eating at her house again. "okay i'll be right there, thank you" I said and closed the door. I looked at what I was wearing and it looked fine, I just fixed my make-up, sprayed some perfume on me and I was ready to go.

I ringed her doorbell and she opened the door In less than a second. "hi" I said to Anne once again and she invited me in. I followed her to the dining room and this time everything was already prepared. She asked me if I could get Harry and I of course said okay. I walked to a room that looks like his room and knocked on the door. "what do you want mom?" he asked like he's been crying. "um.. it's not your mom" I said. "who is it?" he asked with a raspy voice. He has been crying! I opened the door slightly to see him with a tears stained face.

~hi guys hope you like this chapter, I tried making it longer, but just can't~

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