The nerd Harry Styles


7. Chapter 7

Alaisha's pov

I woke up, the second day at my new house, I seriously don't want to go to school and deal with those uncomfortable stares, don't those people have anything else to do? Well I didn't see my dad at all yesterday because I went to sleep right after I got back from 'my neighbors'. I got out of bed sighing, took a shower and got dressed, I went downstairs and once again my dad is not there. At my old house, my dad use to be there for breakfast and he used to make my breakfast, but now nothing he isn't even here. Though I found a note on the refrigerator :

Goodmorning sweetie, I needed a head start this morning so I couldn't make you breakfast, i'm sorry hunny and don't forget this afternoon your going to be interviewed by those magazine people to hire you as a model, don't be late. Love you!

"love you to dad" I whispered holding the paper and than throwing it in the bin. I grabbed an apple and drove to school. I walked in the school for the second time this week and looked around, thank god not everyone is staring at me, but some of them still are. The first class I have is Math which I am awesome at, I mean I don't care about math that's why they invented a calculator. I turned around when I heard some giggling behind me and saw girls with cheerleading uniform what the heck? "ohh hii Alaish!" one of the blondes said waving at me. "hi" I waved back confused, Alaish? what the hell is that?

"so Alaish, were going to the mall to get pedicures today, want to join?" Naomi asked me. "oh no thank you I have a modeling interview" I told her and you know what I shouldn't have said that because she gasped. "people listen, Alaisha is going for a modeling interview today" she announced while I had my hand clasped over my mouth. I didn't want anyone to know, but my big blabber mouth can never be shut. Now everyone gasped and started congratulating me. "excuse me excuse" me I said making my way pass the crowd that was in front of me while the cheerleaders followed me, can they leave me alone?

I tried looking for Harry, but couldn't find him, I just hope I have math with him, but my wishes don't really seem to come true these days. Than the bell rang snapping me out of my thoughts and I walked to Math. "oh we like to walk in late for class" a cheerleader told me, even better late, what can go wrong? *sarcastic*.

"okay" I smiled, I really wanted to fit in and until now i'm doing a great job, the only thing about it is I hate it. I walked in to class LATE when I saw that Harry was in my class. He saw me and I think he stopped breathing for a second there. I smirked and winked at him. I walked to my seat and sat down. I never do this usually it's guys coming to ask me out and not me wanting a guy what the hell is happening I am so scared.

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