The nerd Harry Styles



6. Chapter 6

Alaisha's pov

.... Harry. He looked at me and back at his mother and back at me. "w-what are you doing here?" he stuttered. "oh Harold sweety that is no way to talk to a guest!" his mother lectured him. "sorry mum" he mumbled still staring at me. God why does everybody seem to do that. I decided to ignore that and introduce myself even though he probably already knows me, but doing it just to seem polite. "hi i'm Alaisha" I said sticking my hand out for him to shake. He looked at my hand and slowly shook it. "dinner time" Harry's mom told us. "thank you" I said taking a seat. During dinner, I tried finding a way to talk to Harry, but he won't talk. "so which school do you go to sweetheart?" harry's mom asked me. "um the same Harry goes to right? I forgot the name" I told her smiling politely. "oh Harold sweety you never told me you know her" she said. I just sat there awkwardly, that seem to happen a lot lately.

-after dinner-

"thank you for dinner Mrs. Styles" I said. "oh call me Anne" she replied and I just smiled. "Harold sweetie why don't you show our guest Alaisha our house?" Anne asked and harry nodded. "so this is the living room" he told me once we walked in the living room. I walked around the living room, it was actually really pretty. I walked to Harry, suddenly growing a new layer of confidence. "why don't you show me your room?" I whispered in his ear while rubbing his chest softly and boi is he fit, he trembled under my touch. "w-what are you d-doing?" he stuttered. "nothing" I replied and stopped, he took a huge breath when I stopped while I just smiled and walked back to the dining room. "thank you for dinner Anne" I said and she hugged me. I walked out after than winking at Harry and left. I could get used to this, harry is my next door neighbor, talking to him will be a lot easier than I thought.

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